Chapter 1454 Monster Prince Duyu

Chapter 1454 – Monster Prince Duyu

In the Divine Realm, the Monster Emperor was not the title of a cultivation realm, but the title of the supreme king of the entire monster race!

The monster race had more than one Empyrean, but all monster Empyreans had to obey the command of the Monster Emperor. The Monster Emperor represented absolute authority, and the descendants of the Monster Emperor naturally belonged to the most illustrious and magnificent family of the monster race.

The Monster Emperor lived for a long time and had countless children. Even amongst the Monster Princes there were those that were weaker and those that were stronger. Lin Ming could feel that this youth in front of him had a solid foundation; he was definitely an outstanding individual amongst his peers.

“If this person came with Xiao Moxian to the Asura Road to adventure and also had a Great World King to protect them, his status must not be ordinary. He might be the most extraordinary of the current Monster Princes, and he might even have a chance of inheriting the throne of the Monster Emperor in the future.”

Lin Ming quickly surmised. If this monster youth was so confident in himself, he must have the abilities to back it up.

His guess was correct. This monster youth in front of him was Monster Prince Duyu, the grandson of the Monster Emperor. He father was a half-step Empyrean and also had the chance of rising even further in the future. As for his mother, she possessed the purest bloodline of the royal Hydra Family.

The monster race had a smaller population than humanity, but for them to exist for all these years in the Divine Realm without being destroyed, they definitely had their own strengths. In terms of numbers and the ability to reproduce, the monster race was far inferior to humanity, but in terms of individual talent, the average talent of the monster race was higher than the human average. During the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting, there had also been a Monster Prince that had participated. Although he had been ruthlessly and mercilessly beaten down by both Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian, one had to admit that he was also a master, someone stronger than even Vast Universe Heavenly Palace’s White King. If it weren’t for this being the era in which countless miraculous young elites were being born, then he would definitely have been able to bloom in wonder at the First Martial Meeting.

Without a doubt, this monster youth in front of Lin Ming was far stronger than the Monster Prince that he had encountered at the First Martial Meeting.

Although he was worse than Dragon Fang, Hang Chi, and the others, he was talented enough to look down at most geniuses within the Divine Realm with contempt. Of the Empyrean descendants, he was among the best.

However, it was just that Lin Ming’s current world view was too high. He had seen far too many chosen and had personally experienced the terror that was the Good Fortune Saint Son. To the current him, any sort of Empyrean descendant was ordinary.

But to common geniuses, not to mention peak Empyrean descendants, even the worst Empyrean descendants were considered legendary existences. When Great World King geniuses or even geniuses of ordinary Holy Lands were to arrive at some small place in the middle of nowhere, they would shine with a brilliant light, too bright for anyone to look up to them.

In this sort of situation, the Monster Prince Duyu naturally had an inherent sense of superiority. If he were to encounter a common mortal genius and speak a few words to them, that was their good fortune.

Monster Prince Duyu thought that Lin Ming was shocked by his status. After being satisfied with the deterrence created by his status, he said, “Your foundation also seems solid, so you should be considered a somebody at least. What sort of background do you have? Do you have some special bloodline in your lineage? Do you have an extreme master teaching you?”

As Monster Prince Duyu asked all of this, Lin Ming said, “I don’t have any background at all. My ancestors were all mortals.”

What Lin Ming said was nothing but the truth, but Monster Prince Duyu didn’t believe him. In the eyes of Monster Prince Duyu, a martial artist with such a solid foundation couldn’t possibly originate from a common mortal background; they at least had to be the peak young elite of some sect.

To Monster Price Duyu, Lin Ming likely came from some tiny influence, like a Holy Lord level Holy Land. He probably didn’t want to state where he came from in order to not embarrass himself.

“This brat has an ordinary background and his looks are also so ugly. No matter how I see it there is no way that Junior-apprentice Sister Xiao Moxian should ever take a liking towards him.”

Monster Prince Duyu thought to himself. Then, he was much more relieved in his mind. As he looked at Lin Ming once more, most of the annoyance was gone from his eyes.

He was extremely hostile and antagonistic towards Lin Ming at the start because he himself was interested in pursuing Xiao Moxian’s affection. However, Xiao Moxian had for some reason displayed a strangely bewildering interest in Lin Ming. Moreover, she even refused his suggestion to return to the Divine Realm and then expressly stated that she wanted to continue through the Asura Road’s trials together with Lin Ming. How could Monster Prince Duyu feel comfortable about this?

To Monster Prince Duyu, Xiao Moxian was the perfect wife.

Xiao Moxian’s background and bloodline were without question. If it weren’t for her grandfather being Empyrean Demondawn, then the current Monster Emperor might have already positioned her to be the next Monster Empress. In addition, as Empyrean Demondawn and the Monster Emperor grew increasingly close in their relations, there became countless young elites in the monster race chasing after her hand.

Forgetting the advantages of dual cultivating with Xiao Moxian, just her status alone was enough for anyone to ascend to the heavens in a single leap. However, there was something that happened after that had plunged Monster Prince Duyu into a deep inner conflict; it was that his grandfather seemed intent on engaging Xiao Moxian to the Good Fortune Saint Son, in exchange for the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign gifting him with the method to break into True Divinity!

In front of this massive temptation, even Empyrean Demondawn wavered.

This matter was one of the greatest secrets of the monster race. It was only because Monster Prince Duyu was the most likely candidate to be the next Monster Emperor that he was able to obtain a whiff of this rumor.

This left Monster Prince Duyu in a conundrum. On one hand, he hoped to obtain Xiao Moxian, and on the other hand he hoped that his grandfather would be able to become a True Divinity. If his grandfather was able to pave the road to becoming a True Divinity, then Monster Prince Duyu would be able to follow in his footsteps and perhaps even challenge the realm of True Divinity one day.

After several days of consideration, Monster Prince Duyu developed a plan. Even if Xiao Moxian were to marry the Good Fortune Saint Son, who knew just when that would happen? And if they did marry, that was only due to political needs. It wasn’t known whether or not Xiao Moxian and the Good Fortune Saint Son would have marital relations.

If Xiao Moxian was disinterested in the Good Fortune Saint Son then he could preemptively move in on Xiao Moxian before their marriage. Like this, all the advantages would be obtained by him. In any case, what mattered the most to the saints was that the monster race would assist them in the great calamity; Xiao Moxian was only a secondary consideration.

Thus, Monster Prince Duyu had terminated his seclusion early so that he could come to the Asura Road together with Xiao Moxian, all in order to cultivate her feelings.

Now that a third wheel like Lin Ming had popped in from nowhere, he was definitely displeased with that. But if Lin Ming was completely inferior to himself, then that was another matter altogether.

Thinking like this, Monster Prince Duyu even felt that it might be a good matter if Old Blue wasn’t able to accompany them on their trials through the Asura Road. This would give him a true chance to pursue Xiao Moxian’s affections. After all, for a lone boy and girl to travel through the endlessly dangerous Asura Road, overcoming obstacles one after another, he might be able to reach his goal sooner than he thought.

As Monster Prince Duyu was thinking about this, he suddenly heard a roar explode in front of him. He immediately went on alert; a vicious beast had appeared!

In the Great Desolate there were vicious beasts everywhere. To meet a vicious beast was naturally a time for him to show off. However, he didn’t hurry to take action because there was also this Lin Lanjian nearby.

He planned on allowing Lin Lanjian to fight first. If this human male was weak then he might even be eaten up by this vicious beast.

As Monster Prince Duyu was thinking this, there was another loud roar as a 100 foot long rhinoceros appeared in front of the three of them.

This rhinoceros contained a terrifying strength. As it rushed forwards, the earth shook in its wake.

Although it looked like a rhinoceros, as one saw its cruel and sharp fangs, no one could think that it was a grass-munching herbivore.

“Not bad!” Monster Prince Duyu’s eyes lit up. This rhinoceros was clearly strong. Even if it couldn’t kill Lin Lanjian, as long as Lin Lanjian ended up in a miserable state then he could clean up the mess afterwards.

Monster Prince Duyu smiled as he looked at Lin Ming. “Brother Lin, do you plan on fighting this one?”

How could Lin Ming have known that during this short period of time, Monster Prince Duyu would have had so many ‘colorful’ psychological calculations. Although he felt that Monster Prince Duyu was hostile towards him, he didn’t care much at all. It didn’t matter for him to get rid of this vicious beast either.

Just as Lin Ming was about to attack, Xiao Moxian actually excitedly pulled out her whip. She tightened her whip, making it crackle in response.

“What a large cow. My Big Yellow finally has something to eat.”

Xiao Moxian chuckled. Without waiting for Monster Prince Duyu and Lin Ming to move, she immediately took the initiative.

The rhinoceros roared and hurled itself towards Xiao Moxian. In its eyes, these three people were all food. It dripped saliva down its maw as its fangs glistened.


A whip came slashing out, followed by tumbling flames. Xiao Moxian’s figure drew a delicate arc in the sky. In the next moment, the whip wrapped around the rhinoceros’ legs as if it had a mind of its own. This whip was extremely tough, tough to the point that the giant rhinoceros couldn’t break free. It immediately fell down where it was!


The earth shook. Xiao Moxian flipped upside down in the air, falling straight down like a meteor. A chilling sword appeared in her hand, thrusting downwards!


The long sword pierced through the rhinoceros’ divine iron-like skin as if it were tofu. It drilled through the beast’s throat and then a massive amount of flames erupted from the sword, instantly incinerating the rhinoceros’ throat to ashes.

The giant rhinoceros fiercely struggled for a brief moment before falling over, motionless. It was a one-strike kill!

Even though Lin Ming already expected this result, he couldn’t help but marvel at her combat skills. Her actions were neat and methodical, without any delay at all.

“The severe wounds that the Four Wave Saints caused to her have mostly healed, and don’t seemed to affect her combat strength anymore. Although she had taken some medicine, the greater reason was her own regenerative abilities. The physique of a God Beast is truly too abnormal.”

As Lin Ming was thinking this, Xiao Moxian opened her wriggling beast bag. She said, “Big Yellow, it’s time for a meal.”

The little puppy called Big Yellow immediately came rolling out of the beast bag. It bounced about for a bit, its eyes shining as it saw the rhinoceros. Then, it rushed towards it!

Lin Ming had a funny look on his face. This little dog was so small, just how much could it eat? However, in the next moment, something incredible occurred. The 100 foot long rhinoceros actually began to shrink. Then, it was swallowed up by the little dog that was tens of thousands of times smaller.

This scene caused Lin Ming to be dumbfounded. He could feel that this little dog contained the power of space within its body. Although this dog was tiny, there had to be another world within its body if it was able to swallow up that giant rhinoceros.

After eating the giant rhinoceros, Big Yellow burped out loud and rolled on its small belly in satisfaction. Then, it sauntered back into the beast bag to sleep.

“What a gluttonous little taotie. Swallowing down a 100 foot rhinoceros is truly childish.” After Big Yellow ate the giant rhinoceros, Monster Prince Duyu began to casually comment. In truth, he had a strong sense of superiority in his mind.

Then, he looked over at Lin Ming’s expression. A taotie was a type of God Beast. Although it wasn’t amongst the strongest of God Beasts, it was still a true God Beast. In this world, just how many young elites could have a God Beast as a contract beast? To martial artists of minor backgrounds, this was something they couldn’t even dream of.

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