Chapter 1454 – Monster Prince Duyu

Chapter 1454 – Monster Prince Duyu

In the Divine Realm, the Monster Emperor was not the title of a cultivation realm, but the title of the supreme king of the entire monster race!

The monster race had more than one Empyrean, but all monster Empyreans had to obey the command of the Monster Emperor. The Monster Emperor represented absolute authority, and the descendants of the Monster Emperor naturally belonged to the most illustrious and magnificent family of the monster race.

The Monster Emperor lived for a long time and had countless children. Even amongst the Monster Princes there were those that were weaker and those that were stronger. Lin Ming could feel that this youth in front of him had a solid foundation; he was definitely an outstanding individual amongst his peers.

“If this person came with Xiao Moxian to the Asura Road to adventure and also had a Great World King to protect them, his status must not be ordinary. He might be the most extraordinary of the current Monster Princes, and he might even have a chance of inheriting the throne of the Monster Emperor in the future.”

Lin Ming quickly surmised. If this monster youth was so confident in himself, he must have the abilities to back it up.

His guess was correct. This monster youth in front of him was Monster Prince Duyu, the grandson of the Monster Emperor....

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