Chapter 1453 – Yet Another Monster Prince

Chapter 1453 – Yet Another Monster Prince

Seeing this young man fly in from the distant skies, Lin Ming put down any idea of revealing his true identity.

In Lin Ming’s opinion, it really wasn’t necessary to reveal his identity to Xiao Moxian, and towards someone unknown, he wouldn’t casually reveal something vital like it.

Looking at Xiao Moxian’s expression, it seemed as if she knew who this monster youth was.

This person also seemed to come from the Divine Realm; was he Xiao Moxian’s companion?

Just as this thought flashed through Lin Ming’s mind, his suspicions were immediately confirmed.

“Junior-apprentice Sister, I’ve found you!”

The youth fell down at a quick speed, causing a wave of dust and smoke to rise up.

“Junior-apprentice Sister, are you safe!?”

The youth who flew here wore blue clothes, and although he wasn’t too handsome, he had an extraordinary temperament; he was definitely an outstanding genius.

“I’m fine.” Xiao Moxian’s expression was lukewarm as she spoke to this senior-apprentice brother of hers. This caused Lin Ming to be a bit confused. This youth should have arrived at the Asura Road with Xiao Moxian, so how come he was safe but Xiao Moxian had been besieged instead? Had they been forced to scatter because they were being cha...

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