Chapter 1452 - Team

Chapter 1452 - Team

Outside of the Primordius Bell, Xiao Moxian felt this ancient bell she was struggling to lift suddenly lighten and float upwards, leaving her surprised. Was there really someone alive inside?

In this sort of situation, Xiao Moxian didn’t think that the young man who rescued her would be able to survive. Even if he luckily lived through that explosion, his entire body would be drenched in blood and he would be near the point of death.

Although she said that, Xiao Moxian didn’t think that someone she never met before would sacrifice their life to randomly save her. If he dared to enter this bell then he should have some method to live.

Thinking of this, Xiao Moxian quickly took out live-saving pills from her spatial ring to prepare to save him. These pills even included a transcendent divine pill that was especially prepared by Empyrean Demondawn to save her life.

However, when the Primordius Bell completely floated upwards, Xiao Moxian was shocked as she saw the scene within.

There were scattered pieces of flesh and blood everywhere as well as broken bits of sabers. Standing amongst these bloody ruins was the black-caped youth. He didn’t seem wounded at all and still had a calm appearance as before, as if he had been uninvolved in the vicious battle within the ancient bell.

Xiao Moxian’s jaw dropped, her overly large eyes becoming even rounder. “You… you aren’t  injured at all?”

Xiao Moxian couldn’t help but admit that at this moment, Lin Ming was exuding a brave and dashing air, unfathomable like a sea, where it was impossible to tell just where the limits of his strength were. If it weren’t for his yellowed skin and ordinary looks, if he were just a bit more handsome, then he could be described as a perfect young heroic elite.

“Hey you… are you okay?” Xiao Moxian’s two fingers continued to twitch. She wanted to walk up and touch Lin Ming, to see if he would strangely fall apart once he was touched.

“I’m fine, but you should hurry and take some medicine. It isn’t safe to be injured in this Asura Road’s Great Desolate.”

Lin Ming faintly said. Xiao Moxian was sincerely convinced of this youth’s tenacity. In the end, she was the one who needed medicine more. Just what sort of feed had this farm animal eaten that he grew up so fierce?

Xiao Moxian undid her Phoenix Trueform body transformation. With half a wing broken, even though she possessed a heaven-defying God Beast body she still had to take some time to heal herself. After swallowing down some pills, Xiao Moxian sprinkled some valuable golden healing powder on her wounds. As she did this she would occasionally glance over at Lin Ming, her eyes filling with curiosity.

“Hey, you’re really amazing, do you have some sort of special physique? In that bell, what sort of technique did you use to block the impact of all that energy?

“Hey, are you one of those martial artists that are born in the Asura Road? I see that your cultivation is at the middle Divine Transformation realm, how old are you?”

Xiao Moxian was like a curious child. She immediately asked many questions.

When Lin Ming was in the Primordius Bell, he had used Eternal Darkness. However, because he was hidden within the bell, Xiao Moxian hadn’t seen this, otherwise she would have been able to confirm his identity.

Heavenly Dao Judgment, Grandmist Laws, in addition to Eternal Darkness, when these three things were added together it was more than a coincidence.

Lin Ming didn’t even have time to respond to this barrage of questions before Xiao Moxian giggled, “You remind me of this one abnormal fellow I knew before, hmm… well, I mean that he was so strong that it was abnormal.”

Lin Ming wouldn’t have been surprised at all if Xiao Moxian recognized who he was. Although he could change his appearance and his soul aura, he couldn’t change his techniques.

Then, a little bag that hung on Xiao Moxian’s waist suddenly wiggled, as if there was something that was struggling to climb out.

Xiao Moxian seemed to recall something. She chuckled and then opened the bag. This bag was only the size of a fist but after it opened, a little furry ball came rolling out.

Lin Ming was stunned. As he fixed his eyes on this ball, he saw that it was a little yellow dog. Its entire body was plump and round and looked extremely cute.

As this little yellow dog appeared it began to whine towards Xiao Moxian several times, like the howls of a baby wolf.

“Big Yellow you are being naughty again. I already said that you are too young so you can’t fight yet. Be a good little boy and stay in the beast bag.” Xiao Moxian said.

Lin Ming was bewildered. This round yellow puppy was Xiao Moxian’s contract beast?

Xiao Moxian came from Demondawn Heavenly Palace and was a proud daughter of heaven. Just what sort of contract beast would she have?

Just by looking at this ‘Big Yellow’ in front of him, it was hard to imagine what sort of bloodline a round little puppy like this had.

“That’s right Big Yellow, this brother here has saved us. About that…” Xiao Moxian suddenly turned to Lin Ming. “You’re quite fierce. The two of us should form a team together. Don’t worry, I am also very fierce. I won’t drag you down.”

Xiao Moxian sincerely said. As she spoke she unconsciously revealed the tips of her canines, making one think that she was up to no good.

“Form a team?” Lin Ming was stunned. Forming a team was actually quite a good idea, but how would any loot be divided? Normally, one would obtain one rune or perhaps two. Collecting a full set of runes wasn’t easy to begin with, much less two complete sets.

At this time, Soulwhite had already guessed what Lin Ming was thinking. “Master, it’s common for martial artists to form teams in the Asura Road. The Four Wave Saints were also the same.”

As Soulwhite spoke, Lin Ming recalled his adventure so far in the Asura Road. Indeed, he seldom saw solo martial artists. Not to mention the Four Wave Saints, but even the roving gangs of bandits, the Black Iron Ghost Triad, or the various teams in the Great Desolate were in the same situation.

Forming a team had clear advantages in the chaotic Asura Road. Whether it was combat strength or survivability, it was far superior to that of a single person.

“If we form a team and obtain god runes, how would we divide them?” Lin Ming asked. Then, Soulwhite replied with an unexpected answer.

Soulwhite said, “There is an easy solution. Normally, when martial artists collect god runes it isn’t to complete sets but to sell them for resources. If so, then you can divide the resources equally.

“For extreme geniuses like Master who are gathering complete sets of god runes to participate in the final trial, then that can also be done by several people together. Completing one set of god runes is enough because out of the many god runes, there is one called ‘Transmission Connection’ that can form a complete set. There are five god runes in this set and it allows a person, no matter how far they are, to directly transmit themselves to another person’s side. In this way, a team can continue into the final trial together. Moreover, within the Asura Road there are many missions that are far easier when done in a team.”

“So there’s something like that…” Lin Ming said, a bit dumbfounded. It seemed that these god runes had many mystical and wonderful uses that he had yet to learn. During his battle with the Four Wave Saints, Lin Ming had felt some of the benefits of having god runes.

“Master, don’t let the runes of those Four Wave Saints go to waste.”


Lin Ming nodded. He stepped in front of the Primordius Bell and put it away with a wave of his hand. Underneath the Primordius Bell, vague god runes were already shimmering above the ruined corpses of the Wave Saints. These god runes were mostly at the gold level.

Lin Ming waved his hand and received all of them.

The Four Wave Saints had three complete sets of gold runes and half a set of blue soul runes. But, these blue soul runes were the worst grade of all blue soul runes.

All of these runes were taken by Lin Ming. The runes that were taken from the bodies of others could be used to participate in the final trial after they were completed, but they couldn’t be used to grant himself the title of Asura. In order to become an Asura he had to gain runes obtained from missions. Currently, Lin Ming wasn’t even a one-star Asura.

“In order to enter the final trial I’ll need to gather 36 complete sets of god runes. Are any of these three sets of gold runes part of the 36 required sets?” Lin Ming asked.

Soulwhite shook his head, saying with regret, “I fear that master will be disappointed. The 36 complete sets of god runes required to open the final trial are all extremely rare runes, but these runes are very common.”

“Mm… I didn’t think it would be so easy either.”

As Lin Ming was speaking, Xiao Moxian took out some food from her spatial ring to feed the small yellow puppy. The little yellow puppy hummed in happiness, its cries very lovable. Even so, Lin Ming could recognize that there was a great strength within this tiny dog that had yet to develop.

“Hey, I owe you a life, but my life is really valuable so let’s say I owe you a great favor instead.” Xiao Moxian glanced over at Lin Ming. “What should I call you?”

Lin Ming pondered for a moment. As he was considering whether it was necessary to hide his identity from Xiao Moxian, he perked up. He turned around and looked towards the distant horizon. There was a young martial artist flying towards him at breakneck speed.

This youth was from the monster race. If he dared to brazenly fly in the skies above the Great Desolate then he was either impatient enough that it was worth the risk or he had the capital to do so.

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