Chapter 1451 – Back to the Wall

Chapter 1451 – Back to the Wall

“This damned brat!”

The Wave Saints were shocked. Their first thought was that this boy in front of them had gone out of his mind. For four masters to fight within a small 100 foot radius space, that was no different from melee combat. It would be difficult to use any moves and one would barely have enough time to attack, much less defend. This was a suicidal method of fighting! Even a saint race martial artist wouldn’t choose such a violent and extreme method of fighting. They would leave some space between them and their opponents so that there was a reaction buffer time.

Moreover, Lin Ming was a human and humans focused on the essence gathering system. What they specialized in were long-distance attacks. Even though the Wave Saints saw that Lin Ming dual cultivated in body and energy, he was still nothing but a human. How could a human compare with a saint?

Not just that, but within this sealed space, any explosion of energy would be increased by several times! This was a completely desperate combat tactic.

“Brat, do you want to die!?”

“He’s dug his own grave, let’s kill him together!”

Just as the three Holy Lord powerhouses were about to attack, a sharp light flashed in Lin Ming’s eyes. The grandmist space suddenly...

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