Chapter 1450 – This Place Shall be Your Grave

Chapter 1450 – This Place Shall be Your Grave

In Xiao Moxian’s mind, the figure of Lin Ming inevitably appeared. Whether it was the power of thunder and fire or the Grandmist Laws, those were all abilities utilized by Lin Ming. This was especially true for the Grandmist Laws; very few people understood them. If one wished to learn them they would need an abnormally high perception in order to perceive the Grandmist Laws from chaos stones. After all, in this universe grandmist energy had nearly disappeared.

Even so, Xiao Moxian couldn’t confirm that this youth in front of her was Lin Ming based on those abilities alone. In the end, this was the Asura Road and not the Divine Realm.

Xiao Moxian didn’t know that Lin Ming had come to the Asura Road, and that Divine Dream, in order to protect Lin Ming, had kept his whereabouts an absolute secret. In addition, there were countless martial artists from the various universes here that studied every Law possible, so someone appearing that was similar to Lin Ming could occur.

Lin Ming’s attacks became increasingly ruthless. He revolved his strength to the limit with every move, each move bearing down more and each move aiming to take a life. He was even stronger than Xiao Moxian. By himself in a one against three situation, he managed to suppress...

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