Chapter 145 - Heretical God Seed

Chapter 145 Heretical God Seed.


Chapter 145 – Heretical God Seed



The Allied Trade Association was responsible for the slave trade of several nations. Since they could choose from so many young girls, it was relatively easy to collect 12 Pure Yin girls.

Before, the Allied Trade Association had spent many years and finally collected two sets of 12 Pure Yin girls, 24 altogether. These 24 girls were given to the Acacia Faction’s third elder, Ouyang Boyan. This was the reason that Ouyang Boyan had traded away the secret cultivation method ‘Divine Acacia Power’.

’12 Pure Yin girls, how many have you found?” Ouyang Dihua’s heart moved. If he could pick up 12 Pure Yin girls, he strength would take a great step further.

“I’ve already found 6.” Zhang Guanyu nonsensically said. In fact, it was just the other day that he had determined Lan Yunyue could be a ‘primer’. To find 11 other girls based on Lan Yunyue’s horoscope while conforming to a list of other conditions was easier said than done.

The order had just been passed out. He estimated that there were only 1 or 2 girls that were found so far. The first girls were the easiest; unfortunately, those behind them were much harder to find.

“Six? Humph, well, I do not care if it’s true or not. A year later, I want to see the complete set of 12 Pure Yin girls. I do not need their appearance and talent to be higher than this woman in the painting, but they cannot be too bad!”

With Lan Yunyue’s beautiful appearance and superior third grade talent combined, in the civilian population, she was absolutely one in a million. To collect 12 girls of such high quality, and also conform to the horoscope, was simply impossible. Therefore Ouyang Dihua could only reduce the requirements.

“Young Sir, please feel relieved. I only have a small favor to ask.”

“Mm. Speak.” Ouyang Dihua already expected that the reason Zhang Guanyu came today was to ask him to handle some matters. Otherwise, why would he help him collect 12 Pure Yin girls for no reason at all? This search was a massive undertaking in terms of manpower and resources.

“I would like to become a secret disciple of Elder Ouyang. I also hope for Young Sir to put in a few good words for me.”

“A secret disciple…” Ouyang Dihua slightly hesitated. Zhang Guanyu’s talent was just above fifth-grade; there was still a disparity in qualifications to become a secret disciple of a Seven Profound Valleys’ elder.

Thinking this, Ouyang Dihua said, “My uncle is in seclusion. One he comes out in a month, I will take you to see him. As to whether or not he decides to take you, it is all up to his decision.”

Zhang Guanyu was delighted in his heart. He said, “Thank you, thank you!”

“Don’t rush to be happy. I can clearly discern what gratitude and grudges are. Since I’ve received your gift, then if you have troubles, I might be able to help you. As to whether or not my uncle will teach you a high-level cultivation method, that’s not something I can control.”

“I understand. If it is convenient for Young Sir, perhaps Young Sir would like to ride together with me on the Heavenly Wind Eagle to Sky Fortune Kingdom, and take a look at whether there are any women that conform to Young Sir’s standards. Young Sir will definitely find it possible to stay in the Sky Fortune Kingdom and find women to cultivate with. I will help gather them up, and can absolutely guarantee satisfaction.”

Ouyang Dihua’s eyes shined. Going to Sky Fortune Kingdom would be quite good. He had already bored himself with the Heavenly Wind Nation. It was time to sample a different taste.

And, he just so happened to remember that there was a superior fourth-grade talent who he had noticed in the Sky Fortune Kingdom, a young girl whose last name was Bai. On this trip, he might as well collect her too. Thinking this, Ouyang Dihua obscenely smiled and said, “Good, then I’ll go with you on this trip.”

As soon as he obtained Ouyang Dihua’s affirmation, Zhang Guanyu grinned, savagely smiling.

‘Lin Ming, Lin Ming, let’s see how you will manage this! No matter how fierce you are, compared to you, I have the support of Ouyang Dihua! Do you also have the ability to deal with him!? I’ll have a look when you try to rebel against Ouyang Dihua, and are stamped to death beneath his boot!’

‘Win against me in four months? Then I will force the date of that decisive battle to three months. I will use the ‘Life Severing Death Bone Blade’ to ruin your vitality and make you permanently disabled. I wonder how you will maintain the myth of your talent then!’


“Mm? Emperor’s banquet?”

Lin Ming had just received the Crown Prince’s sound transmitting talisman. Ten days later at the Imperial Palace, there would be a grand banquet held, and there were even some important personages of the Seven Profound Valleys that would be attending. The Crown Prince wanted Lin Ming to attend by all means.

“Important figures of the Seven Profound Valleys…” Lin Ming pondered. He had never seen someone from the Seven Profound Valleys before.

Although he did not really like such flashy events like banquets, Lin Ming would certainly become a core disciple of the Seven Profound Martial House soon. Since an important figure from the Seven Profound Valleys came, he was inclined to participate.

It was not only Lin Ming, but all the strong youths of the younger generation in Sky Fortune City had received an invitation, including Qin Xingxuan, Bai Jingyun, Murong Zi, Ling Sen, Ta Ku, as well as the rest of the Seven Profound Martial House core disciples and so on.

The entire Sky Fortune City had been undergoing a mass cleaning. The streets were cleaned, the drains were emptied, the gardens pruned, and colored ribbons were hung along the streets of the main road.

Lin Ming was immersed in practice so he did not know, but those who hated him would aim for him at this grand banquet.

At this time, the bright moon was high and clear in the night sky. Lin Ming held the Heavy Profound Soft Spear in one hand, keeping the spear parallel to his arm and pressed against his elbow. The 9 foot 9 inch, 1200 jin Heavy Profound Soft Spear was steadily kept horizontal as it was held by Lin Ming. A bowl of water was lying flat on the spear point, with no trace of a ripple.

This stance was one that Lin Ming had practiced countless times before. The ‘Foundation Spear Technique’s’ ‘Iron Bridge Blocks the River’.

Lin Ming kept his eyes closed. The tiny units in his body began to adjust to a strange frequency, and all the innermost feelings in his heart were completely ‘ethereal’. He did not have the least bit of distracting thoughts; to an onlooker, he was simply like a motionless rock under the moonlit sky.

The night winds blew, and the grass undulated like overlapping waves. A bean-sized green firefly quietly landed on the edge of the bowl on the spear point, and began to drink from that bowl of water. It could be seen that not a single ripple spread in it.

Then, Lin Ming slowly opened his eyes.

In these five days, he had already completely fused as one with the Heavy Profound Soft Spear. Extending the spear was the same as moving his arm. Even if a tiny bug fell on it, he could clearly feel it.

The bug was oblivious as it continued to drink water. After drinking enough, it flapped its wings and flew away. Lin Ming returned to his ethereal martial intent state and began revolving the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’ again.

Lin Ming was becoming increasingly skilled at the ethereal martial intent state. Now he could enter at any time and wake up at any time. It wasn’t like before where, once he entered the ethereal martial intent state, he would not know what hour it was.

Slowly, the circulation speed of the true essence in Lin Ming’s body began to pick up. Each time true essence circulated past the heart, there would always be a little bit of true essence that silently stayed there, detained.

As true essence began to accumulate there, it gradually began to revolve. Slowly, a true essence crystal the size of a grain congealed in that maelstrom of true essence.

Because of the formation of this tiny crystal, the flow of true essence sped up, and there was a faint feeling of approaching the peak of the second layer of the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’.

“Large Success of the ‘True Primal Chaos Formulas’ second layer!”

With the upgrade of the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’, Lin Ming’s muscles and skeleton began to slowly start vibrating. The countless tiny units in his body began to achieve an extraordinary harmonization.

Although Lin Ming had already cultivated ‘Flow like Silk’, it had never been like was right now. He had a completely clear feeling of his true essence being turned into filaments, and he could even perceive the specific number of filaments!

“There are a full 5000 true essence filaments…”

This number appeared in Lin Ming’s mind. His ‘Flow like Silk’ was at the foundation stage, and his true essence was able to be divided into 5000 true essence filaments. If these 5000 true essence filaments pierced into a rock, in theory, it could cause 5000 points of destruction. If all those points were destroyed, the rock would be broken into several thousand pieces. If the target was a person, they would truly meet a cruel death.

Although the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’ had further advanced along with his ‘Flow like Silk’, Lin Ming still maintained a state of neither being happy nor sad. The small true essence crystal in his heart began to unceasingly condense, and from its original rough and irregular shape, it began to slowly round, until it eventually condensed into a small, pearl-like crystal pellet.

“This is the Heretical God Force’s ‘seed.’”

Lin Ming knew that the series of changes in his body just now were all because of the formation of this Heretical God Seed.

The Heretical God Seed was the foundation of the ‘Heretical God Force’.

The ‘Heretical God Force’ was the most precious and mysterious secret technique in the memories of that second soul fragment. Even the powerhouses in the Realm of the Gods thought that it was an incomparably amazing skill, obviously it was that powerful.

The first layer of the ‘Heretical God Force’ could enhance one’s strength and true essence force by 50%. The second layer could enhance by 100%, the third layer by 150%, and so on until the sixth layer, where it could enhance a martial artist’s strength and true essence force by 300%.

This kind of enhancement depended on the compression of true essence.

To promote one’s power by 50%, one had to compress their true essence by 50%. To promote one’s power by 100%, one had to compress their true essence by 100%.

And this true essence compression, precisely relied upon this Heretical God Seed.

As long as the Heretical God Seed existed, if the compressed true essence was used up, it would automatically build up by itself; Lin Ming did not need to manage it.

Lin Ming had inadvertently spent a long time in the ethereal martial intent state, and now, finally, he had planted this seed of the ‘Heretical God Force’ into his heart.

Before a martial artist achieved the Pulse Condensation Period, their blood and vitality were the foundation, and the heart, which was at center of all this, was the main weakness.

But after achieving the Pulse Condensation Period, the meridians were the foundation, and the Dantian was the center of this, so that also became a weakness.

Lin Ming’s ‘Heretical God Force’ seed now existed in his heart. After he broke through to the Pulse Condensation Period, this seed would move to his Dantian.

After the ‘Heretical God Force’ had broken through to the first layer, Lin Ming put away the Heavy Profound Soft Spear. He placed one hand between his eyebrows, and the other gently pressed into his Dantian, and then spat out a long breath.

This breath was the same as an arrow flying out. It created a whirlpool in the air that rotated for several breaths of time before finally slowly dissipating.

“I didn’t think that this breakthrough of the ‘Heretical God Force’ would have so many unexpected benefits for me… it seems this ‘Heretical God Force’ is not only a mystic technique that increases one’s power, but it is also helpful for martial arts cultivation! The Heretical God Seed that is in my heart is conducive to stabilizing the blood and compacting true essence.

Lin Ming was a bit surprised, but he also felt quite relaxed about this. After all, this could be regarded as one of the top secret abilities even within the Realm of the Gods; how could it not have some special effects.


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