Chapter 145 - Heretical God Seed

Chapter 145 Heretical God Seed.


Chapter 145 – Heretical God Seed



The Allied Trade Association was responsible for the slave trade of several nations. Since they could choose from so many young girls, it was relatively easy to collect 12 Pure Yin girls.

Before, the Allied Trade Association had spent many years and finally collected two sets of 12 Pure Yin girls, 24 altogether. These 24 girls were given to the Acacia Faction’s third elder, Ouyang Boyan. This was the reason that Ouyang Boyan had traded away the secret cultivation method ‘Divine Acacia Power’.

’12 Pure Yin girls, how many have you found?” Ouyang Dihua’s heart moved. If he could pick up 12 Pure Yin girls, he strength would take a great step further.

“I’ve already found 6.” Zhang Guanyu nonsensically said. In fact, it was just the other day that he had determined Lan Yunyue could be a ‘primer’. To find 11 other girls based on Lan Yunyue’s horoscope while conforming to a list of other conditions was easier said than done.

The order had just been passed out. He estimated that there were only 1 or 2 girls that were found so far. The first girls were the easiest; unfortunately, those behind them were much harder to find.

“Six? Humph, well, I do not care if it’s true or not. A...

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