Chapter 1449 – Fighting the Four Saints

Chapter 1449 – Fighting the Four Saints

“Who are you?” The Four Wave Saints’ expressions changed as they saw this common-looking youth appear in front of them. He seemed quite young, but his first move was to put forth such a strange magic tool. It was unknown just what this magic tool was forged from but its defensive power was unmatched and unshakeable. Just by looking at it one could tell it was an extremely precious treasure.

Normally, they would have had thoughts of stealing it away, but if they were to fight now they would have to fight both Xiao Moxian and this strange youth together. That was a completely unwise decision.

“He is a human! Moreover, he is at… a Divine Transformation realm cultivation?”

“It doesn’t seem like he is that girl’s companion so he shouldn’t know what treasure she has on her. No one should know our whereabouts...

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