Chapter 1448 – The Phoenix Within the Flames of Battle

Chapter 1448 – The Phoenix Within the Flames of Battle

Lin Ming was extremely startled to discover that Xiao Moxian was one of the people fighting. But as he thought about it further, it wasn’t strange at all.

With the great calamity ready to erupt at any moment, Xiao Moxian would also want to rapidly increase her strength, but in the Divine Realm alone, it would be hard for her to find sufficient space to grow. She needed rivals and opponents, she needed a new world to broaden her horizons, and she needed pressure that would force her to transform into someone greater than she was before. The Asura Road was indeed a very good place to go.

Then, after arriving here, Xiao Moxian had at some time obtained a mission to go to the Great Desolate. And, her appearing here was also reasonable, because the Desolate Springs was the safest entry route into the Great Desolate.

As Lin Ming thought of this he sped up. He could clearly see the phantom of a Dark Phoenix in the distant skies. Lin Ming had fought with Xiao Moxian before so he clearly understood that this was her bloodline strength – the Phoenix Trueform. Unless she encountered some formidable opponent, Xiao Moxian wouldn’t easily reveal this ability in the Asura Road. It was similar to an elephant revealing its ivory tusks or a rhinoceros revealing its horn; it would arouse the greed of others.

Lin Ming’s guess was correct. Xiao Moxian was indeed placed in a great crisis.

The cause was simple. After Xiao Moxian entered the Asura Road, the first place she stopped was Wave City. After entering Wave City, she...

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