Chapter 1447 – Encounter in the Great Desolate

Chapter 1447 – Encounter in the Great Desolate

Asura Road, the Great Desolate –

No one knew just where the Great Desolate ended. It was said that the deeper one went into the Great Desolate, the more strange and fantastical phenomena one would see. Moreover, the space and time there was extremely disorderly, and even Empyreans that were skilled in the Space and Time Laws could easily become lost in the space labyrinths.

It was said that the Great Desolate eventually led to another unknown space, perhaps a world that was no longer a part of the Asura Road.

In short, the depths of the Great Desolate were a forbidden zone.

Currently, Lin Ming was only at the very outermost edges of the Great Desolate; he was still incomparably far from reaching anywhere near the center.

This land was named the Great Desolate but it wasn’t desolate at all. Instead, there were mountains that towered for hundreds of thousands of feet with ancient, high trees that reached into the skies. Their roots gripped the earth like dragon claws,...

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