Chapter 1446 – Ancient Jade

Chapter 1446 – Ancient Jade

After the events at Black God Fort, the entire City of Discord was placed on high alert.

When the City Lord learned that Lin Ming had escaped, he used a thousand mile sound transmission to inform the guards to start the great array formation and seal up the city.

The City Lord did this because he thought Lin Ming might not have necessarily left the City of Discord. If he searched the city he might be able to make some gains.

And, more importantly, the City Lord wanted to place a total blockade on all news. He then scanned the log book for that day in Black God Fort and captured all the martial artists that had appeared there, imprisoning them all!

Then, each one of these people had soul searching god runes used on them to comb through their memories. If any one of them had passed on news to others, those other people would also be equally captured and imprisoned. Then, they would have memory sealing god runes placed within them.

This sort of crazy method reflected the tyrannical rules of the Asura Road. Here, strength...

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