Chapter 1445 – The City of Discord’s City Lord

Chapter 1445 – The City of Discord’s City Lord


A terrifying explosion of energy swept up a storm, causing the entire floor to collapse! These floors were created from timeless god stone and also had an array formation to support them, but underneath Lin Ming’s attack, the entire level began to cave in. Even the main structure of Black God Fort violently trembled as if it wanted to implode!

In this life or death moment, Lin Ming shouted out, “God Forbidding Seals, enter my body!”

His ten fingers flashed as hundreds of God Forbidding Seals formed in the air. These God Forbidding Seals of the Divine Seal Art were able to seal away everything, however this time Lin Ming wasn’t targeting an enemy, but himself.

The God Forbidding Seals were similar to miniature black holes. If Lin Ming thrust these God Forbidding Seals into his body, this in itself was already an extremely dangerous course of action. If he made even the slightest mistaken then his blood vitality and muscles would be swallowed up. If that happened, the backlash would cause him to be immediately defeated!

Lin Ming didn’t plan for that. Rather, the reason he used the God Forbidding Seals was to swallow up the divine sense that the silver-armored guard captain had placed into his body.

In this...

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