Chapter 1443 – Drawing

Chapter 1443 – Drawing

At this time, outside of the game world, over four hours had passed since Lin Ming had entered the dimensional realm.

Normally, a martial artist would have to spend 14-16 hours to gather the 50 skull badges needed for the blue soul level reward. This was mainly because no one could be like Lin Ming and simultaneously possess an extremely powerful sense and combat strength. In the broad grasslands he was able to rapidly find the hiding prey and kill them.

“Four hours… someone said that this human youth’s goal was the zenith black level reward. What do you think?”

Currently, no one doubted that Lin Ming would be able to easily complete the blue soul level checkpoint. After all, that was just how strong Lin Ming was. He had even easily defeated a one-star Asura. Moreover, Lin Ming’s cultivation had been the lowest of all the trial challengers that entered, so the prey he had to face would be weaker.

In this sort of situation, it could be said that gathering the 50 skull badges for the blue soul level reward was as easy as taking a stroll through the park, with absolutely no difficulties at all.

If the people present had to sum it up, they were simply on a completely different level from Lin Ming.


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