Chapter 144 - Ouyang Dihua

Chapter 144 Ouyang Dihua.


Chapter 144 – Ouyang Dihua

To put it in layman’s terms, A Xiantian master was an existence that completely upset the natural balance. If a country had a Xiantian master, then the neighboring countries would have no courage to go to against this country. If it really came down to war, then one the very first day the generals of all the armies would die silently in their camps, and on the second day the emperor would also die in his Royal Palace. How could they continue fighting at this point?

If Lin Ming someday had strength that could compare to a Xiantian master, then he would essentially dominate all of Sky Fortune Kingdom; everything would be under his control!

As the news that Lin Ming obtained sixth place on the Ranking Stone continued to spread, the Crown Prince was one of the first to hear of Lin Ming’s situation via a sound transmitting talisman.

The Crown Prince was pleasantly surprised by Lin Ming’s results. He thought again, with Lin Ming as he was now, it was becoming more and more likely that he could defeat Zhang Guanyu in the fourth month. With Zhang Guanyu’s personality, how would he reconcile with this truth?

The Seven Profound Martial House was similar to a beast cage. All talents were gathered, just like those trainers that would find those beasts...

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