Chapter 1439 Golden Armor Warrior Array

Chapter 1439 – Golden Armor Warrior Array

Three quarter hours later, the several final trial challengers had also been eliminated from the trial by Lin Ming.

Thus, in the Hunter Game, there was only Lin Ming left.

The martial artists outside all glanced at each other. Lin Ming’s methods were truly as Charming had said. He had swept out all the other trial challengers in order to reduce the difficulty of the game so that he could pass it himself.

This method seemed completely farcical because not only was every trial challenger who entered extremely strong, but finding them in the vast game world wasn’t easy either.

Yet Lin Ming had accomplished this, and his actions were neat and merciless. In just several hours of time, he had managed to complete all of this.

His methods left one imagining just how he had accomplished them.

At this time, in the game world, Lin Ming already had 15 skill badges.

These skull badges had been taken from the other trial challengers. There were only 12 trial challengers to begin with, and the other three badges were from the prey that some other trial challengers had killed. Now, their hard work had benefited Lin Ming.

“It’s time to hunt… this is when the true game begins.”

Lin Ming licked his lips. In this dimensional realm there were all sorts of creatures. By killing them he could obtain skull badges.

He closed his eyes and let his sense spread outwards. Soon, he found the first prey.

Lin Ming’s figure flashed and he vanished from where he was, rapidly flying in a new direction.

In just several breaths of time Lin Ming had flown several hundred miles. Then, he came to a halt.

“It’s here.”

Right beneath Lin Ming was a swamp. The grass and waters were bright and calm, without any waves at all.

Lin Ming fell down towards the surface of the swamp.

Just when Lin Ming was 40-50 feet from the water’s surface, the placid water surface suddenly exploded. A 100 foot long alligator rushed out at an unbelievable speed, causing thousands of jins of water and mud to shoot up. The alligator’s jaws were wide open, large enough to swallow a house. It bit down at Lin Ming.


The alligator’s jaws snapped together, swallowing Lin Ming.

However, before it could fully swallow Lin Ming, the alligator’s head exploded. Its body split apart as blood rained down.

A savage power of thunder and fire gushed out from the alligator’s maw, instantly killing it. Lin Ming had used the grandmist space to protect himself, and when he attacked with the Thunder and Fire Laws, he hadn’t been injured at all.

A shining skull badge fell into Lin Ming’s hand. This was the reward for hunting down the alligator.

In this game world, there were only hunters and prey. Whoever was stronger was the hunter and whoever was weaker was the prey.

“These prey are really weak at the start.”

Lin Ming looked at the headless alligator corpse that was twitching beneath him. He flung out a fireball and burnt it to ashes.

Soon, the headless alligator completely vanished, turning into a stream of pure energy that flowed into the swamp.

“So that’s how it is. All of the beasts in this world are energy beings. They aren’t illusions or material beings, but puppets made of energy. Perhaps the origin energy runes we paid to enter this trial are used to maintain the activation of the array formation.

As Lin Ming was thinking like this, his figure flashed as he flew to the next prey.

Under his incomparably powerful divine sense, none of these beasts could hide from his eyes.

There wasn’t a single prey that was able to contend with Lin Ming.

Lin Ming’s badge count slowly increased. From 10 to 20 to 30…


Lin Ming counted the badges. He hadn’t encountered any difficulties in gathering this many badges so far.

“This is the 50th badge.”

Lin Ming looked at a giant lizard in front of him. This lizard was a tad more formidable than the monsters before but it was essentially the same. It was easily cut down by Lin Ming.

According to the rules, the difficulty of the Hunter Game was originally set to the cultivation of the strongest trial challenger. This was in order to test a trial challenger’s talent and not their absolute strength.

A lucky one-star Asura could already pass this checkpoint, let alone Lin Ming.

After hunting down 50 prey, the strength of the prey rose to yet another level.

“They’re getting stronger.”

The creatures grew increasingly strong. However, to Lin Ming, this difference was only killing them in five moves instead of three. He still easily exterminated them.

His number of badges had now reached 60.

Another two hours later, he had reached 64!

“This is easy…”

Lin Ming took a brief rest as he readied himself to kill the 65th monster.

If he continued at this speed he would soon have killed 100 prey. However, he had a feeling that before he killed the final one, there would be some event that occurred.

As Lin Ming was pondering this, the scenery around him suddenly changed!

The power of space wildly flew around him, dizzying and mystifying. The grasslands vanished as Lin Ming suddenly arrived in a spacious wilderness.

And at the same time, a pale red array formation appeared beneath Lin Ming’s feet. The runes flickered and shimmered. These runes were similar to the most common god runes of the Asura Road.

“Mm… this is… an array formation?”

As this thought flashed through Lin Ming’s mind, there was a series of clanking sounds as golden-armored warriors began to appear in front of Lin Ming. These warriors wore thick suits of golden armor. Their faces could not be seen, but their aura was filled with a thick killing intent.


Lin Ming paused. He could feel that these golden-armored warriors were puppets formed from energy.

They continued to emerge all around Lin Ming. Each warrior stepped atop an array symbol. In total, there were 36 warriors.

36 warriors?

Lin Ming looked down at the skull badges in his hand. There were 64 badges and with these 36 opponents that had appeared, that just happened to add up to 100.

“So that’s how it is. Whether it was the previous prey or other trial challengers, all of them can only be considered an appetizer. No matter if I killed them with ease or with great difficulty it still wouldn’t affect the final result, because in this Hunter Game I was destined to meet these 36 golden-armored warriors at the final checkpoint. No matter how many trial challengers enter this Hunter Game, the game will control the number of skull badges, making it so that only one person is able to face these last 36 golden-armored warriors, otherwise it would have been impossible to collect 64 badges to begin with. This is the final battle here.”

Lin Ming thought. He began to sizzle with fighting spirit.

If he could kill these 36 golden-armored warriors then he would be able to pass this trial perfectly.

Lin Ming extracted the Phoenix Blood Spear, his entire body revolving with energy. He did not underestimate these new enemies. The divine god that created the Asura Road had reached an unimaginable level of martial arts cultivation. If this person were to establish a trial then the conditions for passing it must be extremely high! Even though Lin Ming was considered the number one talent of his race, he still wouldn’t underestimate anything here.

“Mm? The runes that these golden-armored warriors are standing on seem to correspond to the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens? But if so, how could the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens evolve into 36 positions?”

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