Chapter 1438 – Clear Out the Trash

Chapter 1438 – Clear Out the Trash

“These two have been crippled. The one who did this used some sort of specialized martial skill to break all their meridians and vital points. Even if they have top medicines it will be impossible for them to recover from this.”

As everyone was speaking, the portal flashed again and another person was sent tumbling out.

This was the most miserable-looking person so far.

His entire body was dried up like he had aged to the end of his years. His hair was as thin and sparse as weeds and all of his blood vitality was sucked out.

“Another one! Could this be the Black Iron Ghost Triad’s second brother!?”

“Yes, it seems it's him.”

The Black Iron Ghost Triad brothers had each come out looking worse than the last. The Black Iron second brother’s entire body was a mess and he seemed as if he would die at any moment. There was only a tiny bit of astral essence in his body that was barely maintaining his life.

“The Black Iron second brother tried to use the Saint Demon Disintegration Art to perish together...

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