Chapter 1437 – One-star Asura

Chapter 1437 – One-star Asura


Lin Ming looked at the green furred martial artist. This martial artist looked like a monkey with lustrous green skin that shined like moss. His body was thin and unremarkable. Compared to the handsome monster youth before, this monkey-like martial artist was far less pleasing to the eye. Even so, Lin Ming felt an unusual atmosphere from him.

Lin Ming fell to the ground. The two of them were only a hundred feet away, and they had both locked tightly onto each other.

The monster youth’s face was extremely grim. He was revolving his aura to the limit.

“You actually managed to find me…what a freak…”

This monster youth had been hiding in the tall grass from the very start. He had restrained his aura and he was also exceptionally skilled at camouflage, concealment, and sneak attacks. He had long seen Lin Ming flying in the sky, but he hadn’t chased after him. Instead, he hid beneath Lin Ming and waited for the other trial challengers to arrive and circle Lin Ming.

His plan had been to use Lin Ming as bait and tempt more people to gather here. Then, once they were all exhausted from fighting each other, he would enter the fray and take all the profits.

This was the so-called ‘the mantis stalks the cicada while unaware...

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