Chapter 1436 – Self Explosion

Chapter 1436 – Self Explosion

On the battlefield, Lin Ming’s figure flashed and he disappeared from sight. He was like a death reaper that haunted the night, wantonly harvesting life.

His speed was far too fast. From crippling the Black Iron Ghost third brother to taking his spatial ring, this had only taken a fraction of a second. The moment that people saw blood splash out, the Black Iron Ghost third brother’s crippled body was already falling down from the air.

“Third Brother!”

The Black Iron boss roared out. Although the Black Iron Ghost Triad had done all sorts of evils in their lives, they still had a bond between them because they were true blood brothers. Now that they saw their blood brother being wasted in front of their eyes, even the most cold-hearted individual couldn’t remain unresponsive.

“He’s crippled Third Brother!” The Black Iron second brother shouted, his eyes turning red.

“Don’t be impulsive! We are not his match at all!” The Black Iron boss could only remain as calm as he could. At this time, the only one he could save was himself. As he sent a sound transmission to his second brother he fled with all his strength. But at this time, a voice of death quietly echoed in his ears like the whispers of the end. “You are second!”


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