Chapter 1435 – Many Wolves, Little Meat

Chapter 1435 – Many Wolves, Little Meat

“They’re here… one… two… three… four, four waves of people. It seems I’m really welcome here.” Lin Ming mockingly said. Out of all the trial challengers, Lin Ming had the lowest cultivation. In the eyes of the others, he was like a piece of meat that could be butchered however they pleased.

Out of the four different waves of people that were coming, two were alone and two were in groups. One of the groups was the Black Iron Ghost Triad and the other was a couple.

When they passed through the portal they had held hands and gone together. Like this, they wouldn’t be separated in the space transmission passage.


The couple was the first to arrive. A monster youth followed close behind them.

This monster youth had pale skin and sharp, pointed ears. Although he could be called a youth, he was actually around a hundred years old. His nickname was Charming. With his outstanding strength and fair yet handsome appearance, he was well-received by the many women within the City of Discord.

“Hehe, do you want to eat everything yourself?” The monster youth grinned.

“There are too many wolves and too little meat. Just a single skull badge and there are even more people catching up here. Who can obtain this skull badge...

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