Chapter 1435 Many Wolves, Little Meat

Chapter 1435 – Many Wolves, Little Meat

“They’re here… one… two… three… four, four waves of people. It seems I’m really welcome here.” Lin Ming mockingly said. Out of all the trial challengers, Lin Ming had the lowest cultivation. In the eyes of the others, he was like a piece of meat that could be butchered however they pleased.

Out of the four different waves of people that were coming, two were alone and two were in groups. One of the groups was the Black Iron Ghost Triad and the other was a couple.

When they passed through the portal they had held hands and gone together. Like this, they wouldn’t be separated in the space transmission passage.


The couple was the first to arrive. A monster youth followed close behind them.

This monster youth had pale skin and sharp, pointed ears. Although he could be called a youth, he was actually around a hundred years old. His nickname was Charming. With his outstanding strength and fair yet handsome appearance, he was well-received by the many women within the City of Discord.

“Hehe, do you want to eat everything yourself?” The monster youth grinned.

“There are too many wolves and too little meat. Just a single skull badge and there are even more people catching up here. Who can obtain this skull badge will all depend on your ability!”

The husband and wife couple in front of the monster youth drew their weapons, as if they wanted to compete for Lin Ming’s skull badge. To them, Lin Ming’s badge was already a piece of fat placed in the pot. The only question right now was who had the ability to eat it.

Shua! Shua!

Right after, two more waves of people arrived. The Black Iron Ghost Triad was amongst them. For a time, besides Lin Ming, there were seven people here in total.

It was said that when enemies met, eyes would turn red. When the Black Iron Ghost third brother saw Lin Ming, he demonically grinned as he kneaded his fists again and again.

“Brat, heaven’s path was there but you chose not to take it, and instead you would rather break through the gates of hell! Although we won’t kill you today because of the rules, we will still beat you into a cripple. Once we leave, we’ll tidy you up some more. We’ll shatter your bones and meridians until you’re crawling like a dead dog on the streets! Hahaha!”

“A pack of wolves surrounding a single piece of meat. There’s just one skull badge and so many of us here. It will be impossible for us to divide it. Do you really think we should fight each other over a single skull badge?”

The monster youth glanced over at the Black Iron Ghost Triad and also looked at Lin Ming, his voice calm. If he dared to operate by himself in the City of Discord, he inevitably had a strong foundation of his own. If they were to really fight here, he would not be weaker than any of the other three parties.

“Hehe, everyone, give him to us brothers.” The Black Iron Ghost Triad boss spoke up. “Us brothers already have a grudge against this boy and we just happened to want to settle it here today. As for that skull badge, it isn’t too important to us. Honestly speaking, out of everyone here, none of us really have a chance of passing the game checkpoints. In my opinion, aren’t most of you here to gain some experience to prepare yourself for next time?”

“Haha, none of that matters to me. I’ve long since had the strength to become a one-star Asura but I simply didn’t have the time for it. I’m really thinking I should stay here to collect the 50 skull badges and complete this trial!” The monster youth confidently said, his arrogant voice passing out far and wide.

The Black Iron Ghost Triad boss’ eyebrows shot up. This monster fellow was far too rampant. Just what sort of awesome hero did he think he was?

Although the boss found this unbearable, he didn’t dispute those words. Instead, the Black Iron Triad boss said, “Fine, you can pass whatever you want. We’ll let you have the skull badge; we don’t want it.”

“Haha, what a wonderful idea, It's a deal!” The monster youth smiled wide. Of course, if he wanted the skull badge he also had to obtain the agreement of the other two parties.

“However….” The monster youth paused for a moment. He suddenly turned to Lin Ming, an interested look in his eyes. “Before anything happens, I have something I want to ask you. I’ve been curious; why were you flying through the skies? In this Hunter Game, no matter how I see it, only a mentally retarded child would do something like that. Even a fool knows what consequences flying through the skies will bring. Even so, you seemed to have done so intentionally. Was it to draw us to you? You have succeeded, but… just what is your motive?”

“Hehe, that’s simple. He probably understands that is is impossible for him to pass the checkpoint, thus he deliberately attracted a group of people to him so that they would somehow engage in a group melee. Then, he would be able to take advantage of the chaos. This idea of yours was far too dumb!” One of the Black Iron Ghosts sarcastically mocked.

Lin Ming chuckled, and his chuckle was very calm. “There is no other reason I did so than to draw you all here. I flew through the sky and exposed myself on purpose to save myself a great deal of trouble.”

“Eh, how interesting!” The monster youth rubbed his chin, his wide and large eyes shining as he stared at Lin Ming as if he wanted to see through his body. “The more I know, the less I understand. This is the world of the Hunter Game and also the first time you have come here, so it’s impossible for you to have set up any traps beforehand to deal with us. Could it be that you actually thought you could deal with all of us by yourself?”

“Correct.” Lin Ming snapped his fingers. “Your presence here increases the difficulty of the game by a great deal. I admit that with all of you here, I lack confidence to be able to pass the checkpoint, thus I made the decision to send all of you out and reduce the difficulty.”


As Lin Ming spoke, the monster race youth as well as everyone else was left completely dumbfounded. Was this boy insane? Where did he get the crazy idea of eliminating all of them?

“Well, to put it in simpler terms…” Lin Ming took out the Phoenix Blood Spear. On the spear point, the power of thunder and fire began weaving together. “My strength, is greater than all of yours combined!”

As Lin Ming spoke, his figure vanished like ghosts and demons in the night.

“This is bad!”

“Be careful!”

The sudden change left everyone panic-stricken. All of them began to immediately retreat.

And at this time, the Black Iron Ghost third brother suddenly felt a chill crawl down his back. A thick killing intent had quietly appeared from behind him, locking onto his entire body!

Reflexively he took out a saber from his spatial ring to slash behind him, however… Lin Ming’s speed was far too fast, a level that surpassed his ability to respond to. The moment the third brother slashed out, he felt a cool feeling at his back and a sharp pain as a spear thrust through his chest like a viper, sticking outwards.

Blood sparkled on the spear point, dazzling to the eyes.

The Black Iron Ghost Triad’s third brother was pierced through by Lin Ming’s spear! The tough body of a saint race martial artist was sliced apart like raw beef beneath the Phoenix Blood Spear!

“The hell!?”

Just 200 feet away, the monster youth was able to clearly see everything that happened. To him, Lin Ming’s speed was not much different from teleportation!

These were the Space Laws! Only a human martial artist could use the Laws to the extreme! Although saints were fast, they couldn’t be faster than the Laws!

And there was also that casual and light spear strike. Without any grand martial skill behind it and only some true essence poured into the attack, that spear had been able to pierce through the body of the Black Iron Ghosts’ third brother. This striking force left the monster youth frightened. Although the Black Iron Ghosts’ third brother only had ordinary strength, he was still a saint race martial artist and his martial arts came from tempering his body. No matter how weak he was, since he had cultivated to the Saint Lord realm, his flesh and bones should be as hard as divine iron. In addition, there was also astral essence protecting his body, and yet he had still been so easily pierced through by Lin Ming’s spear. Just what sort of explosive force was behind that attack!?


Lin Ming suddenly pulled out the Phoenix Blood Spear. The reason that his attack had so easily pierced through the Black Iron Ghosts’ third brother was because of his true essence and because his mortal strength had reached several hundred million jins after he opened the Eight Inner Hidden Gates. And, another reason was that Lin Ming had poured his battle spirit into the Phoenix Blood Spear. Towards the saint race martial artists that were weak in the aspect of the soul, a battle spirit was a great advantage of humans.


Lin Ming coldly shouted. He smashed his palm into the Black Iron Ghost third brother’s chest. This simple palm strike was actually the most insidious martial skill in Lin Ming’s arsenal – the Pulse Cutting Palm!

After not using this attack for so many years, this martial skill now struck the Black Iron Ghost third brother. Lin Ming didn’t hold back at all. With a light cracking sound, true essence violently crashed into the Black Iron Ghost third brother’s meridians and bones, instantly severing them and cutting off his blood vitality!

Killing was discouraged in this game through loss of skull badges. Thus, Lin Ming decided to follow the choice that the Black Iron Ghost Triad had taken. He wouldn’t kill them, but, he would completely cripple them. To a martial artist this was a fate far worse than death, especially for the Black Iron Ghost Triad that had done all sorts of evil acts. The three of them had made innumerable enemies in the City of Discord. If they were to lose their cultivations then their fates could be imagined!

“His attack is so strong and ruthless!”

The monster youth was bewildered. In just two moves, this human youth had completely wasted the Black Iron Ghost third brother’s martial arts. This sort of clean and merciless strike was definitely not something that a frail and flowery youth raised in the safety of a great family could do. This was something that only someone who constantly walked on the edge of life and death could accomplish, someone who had killed countless opponents. His skill was extraordinary and the terrifying strength and killing intent hiding within his body was nearly limitless. Although this youth seemed like a modest gentleman most of the time, once he erupted, he was like a bloodthirsty tyrannical beast, savage and brutal!


This thought instantly appeared in the monster youth’s mind. He could no longer care about why Lin Ming was so strong at such a low cultivation. All he knew was that if he didn’t run away right now he would absolutely suffer the same fate as the Black Iron Ghost third brother!

However, as soon as the monster youth made this decision he felt his body shake. An invisible strength had struck him like an arrow and entered into his body, marking his bones and meridians.

“What is this?”

The monster youth was shocked but immediately reacted. “Is this a tracking god rune?”

In the Asura Road, there were many auxiliary god runes; tracking god runes were one of these. Once they were planted they were extremely difficult to resolve. But now, the monster youth could feel that what Lin Ming planted inside his body was not one of these god runes but a self-created tracking mark.

“It isn’t a rune… it is a battle spirit mark, but the effects are the same!”

The monster youth instantly understood what happened. Lin Ming had planted a tracking mark in his body to hunt him down – this was a true Hunter Game! Unfortunately for them who had participated in this game, they were not hunters, they were the prey!

As a monster race martial artist, although his talent in battle spirits couldn’t compare to a human’s, he was still far superior to a saint. He immediately reacted, wanting to erase this battle spirit mark.

However, just as his sense touched upon the battle spirit mark he felt his arms and feet turn cold. This battle spirit mark flickered with a deep blue light, like the purest of blue jades.

This was clearly… a blue soul battle spirit!

“Blue soul battle spirit? Are you fucking joking with me?” The monster youth was horrified. His own battle spirit was only at the elementary gold level and yet he had bumped into a blue soul battle spirit. This couldn’t even be described as hitting a stone with an egg.

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