Chapter 1434 - Hunters and the Hunted

Chapter 1434 -  Hunters and the Hunted


After the Silver Snow Guard announced the rules, a bright silver door emerged high above the platform. This was the portal to the dimensional realm.


“Haha, we’ll have results soon. The game lasts for 14-16 hours at most, but the truth is that several days will pass inside.” This was not the first time that the martial artists present had watched the Hunter Game. Time flowed differently within the dimensional realm. To martial artists that lived such long lives, 14-16 hours was only a brief period of meditation.

“The Silver Snow Guard said just now that the difficulty of the Hunter Game is based upon the strongest trial challenger that joined. If so, won’t everyone else who has lower cultivations suffer a great loss? That human boy has the lowest cultivation amongst everyone that entered;...

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