Chapter 1433 – The Hunter Game

Chapter 1433 – The Hunter Game

In the platform at the center of the level, Dugu Li thrust out his hand, pouring the entirety of his astral essence into the Wheel of Destiny. The runes atop the Wheel of Destiny began to emit a bright luster, unpredictably changing.

Everyone’s eyes were locked onto the Wheel of Destiny.

Runes lit up one by one. As Dugu Li looked at these flashing lights, his mind tightened.

As the runes began to dim down, the last shining rune would be the one which Dugu Li drew.

Although this drawing only occurred for several breaths of time, to Dugu Li, each second seemed as long as a year.

Finally, the last lit up rune lay above a shield badge.

At the end of the draw, this shield was the first reward possibility – a rare mission badge.

This was the worst of the three possibilities but also the likeliest. Most people drew this result.

Dugu Li’s lips twitched, a bit of regret in his heart. After coming this far he couldn’t help but fantasize that he would draw out the third possibility and ascend to the heavens in a single leap. However, the fantasy was shattered.


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