Chapter 1430 – City of Discord

Chapter 1430 – City of Discord

“This is the City of Discord…”

Lin Ming looked at the massive city in front of him. Just the city walls themselves were hundreds of feet high and the city gate was thick and heavy, made from some unknown material. All sorts of complicated seals were etched onto its surface.

On each side of the city gates was a hefty-looking guard. These people were both from the demon race and were equal to a late Divine Transformation human martial artist in cultivation.

“The city entrance fee is a single origin energy rune for each person.”

As Lin Ming approached, the two guards glanced towards him without any expression.

“Origin energy rune?” Lin Ming was startled. This sort of thing sounded like a currency. In the Asura Road, did even the currency consist of runes?

At this time, behind Lin Ming, Soulwhite hurriedly walked forwards. He wiped his hands together and some floating motes of light left his palms, forming two runes that flew towards the guards.

One of the guards took out a jade slip and received the two runes. He stoically said, “You may enter.”

With a wave of the guard’s hand, Lin Ming and Soulwhite entered the city.

“Origin energy runes are currency here? Then is it not possible to use the nine sun jades I brought?” Lin Ming asked. If this were true then things...

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