Chapter 143 - True Essence Manifestation

Chapter 143 True Essence Manifestation.


Chapter 143 – True Essence Manifestation

“There’s no inscription symbol…” Lin Ming thought. He himself was the current most splendid inscription grand master in the Sky Fortune Kingdom. He would have to ponder over what sort of inscription symbol to add to this Heavy Profound Soft Spear, to seek the highest possible promotion of might.

By now, the blue-clothed old man said, “Before the Martial House Master departed, he gave me this spear and told me that as long as you pass the test, this spear would be given to you. This spear was created by the Seven Profound Valleys’ Refiner Faction. If it were not because of the inherent limitations of such weapons, it would be at least a high-grade human-step treasure.”

Weapons like the spear, staff, and bow all demanded both tenacity and elasticity. They were the most difficult of treasures to create. Although this Heavy Profound Soft Spear was only a medium-grade human-step treasure, in terms of value, it was much more precious and valuable than a common high-grade human-step treasure sword!

As Lin Ming held onto the Heavy Profound Soft Spear, he loved it enough that he was almost unable to put it down.

The blue-clothed old man said, “This Heavy Profound Soft Spear weighs 1200 jins. The spear shaft is 9 feet long and made from heavy profound soft silver, while the spear head is 9 inches and made from cold star steel....

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