Chapter 1429 – The Final Trial

Chapter 1429 – The Final Trial

A gray-blue rune shimmered in the air before slowly sinking into the spiritas martial artist’s forehead. The spiritas’ face twitched as he grit his teeth and withstood the pain.

For a moment, the pupils of the spiritas were filled with chaos before suddenly being restored to pure brightness. Now, as he looked towards Lin Ming his eyes were filled with awe and respect.

“Old slave Soulwhite greets Master.”

“Good. Soulwhite, I do not need you to follow me for too long. When I leave the Asura Road I will return your freedom to you. Now, I want to ask you, how can I be considered as having passed the smelting trials of the Asura Road?”

“Reporting to Master, this Asura Road, in the mind of this servant, is like a game created by a supreme god. We are placed in this game and made to play it. For the winners, unimaginable rewards await, but for losers, there is nothing but death.”

“In the Asura Road the Heavenly Dao rules that govern this world are incomparably strange. Many things have already been set in stone. Trial challengers can find god runes through certain lucky chances, and once you collect the required specific sets of god runes then that will trigger a chance to enter the final smelting trial. Through this...

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