Chapter 1428 – Spiritas Slave

Chapter 1428 – Spiritas Slave

The entire Asura Road consisted of a massive continent. This central continent was in the shape of a giant rectangular strip. The Asura Road was over 100 quadrillion miles long, but it was actually only a billion miles wide.

This strangely-shaped continent was countless times longer than it was wide; this caused the entire land to look like a straight road.

In addition, countless slaughters took place on this continent, just like an Asura battlefield.

The name of the Asura Road had been derived from these two aspects.

The Asura Road was divided into three sections: the outer section, middle section, and inner section. The deeper one went down the Asura Road the more intense the slaughter would become and also the more dangerous it would be. If one wanted to emerge from the depths of the Asura Road, that would be extremely difficult!

Currently, Lin Ming was on the outermost section of the Asura Road.

Asura Road, City of Discord –

This was the first large city on the edges of the Asura Road’s outer section.

The skies above the City of Discord looked like a giant grey curtain. The air was overflowing with chaotic origin energy and deep pulses of killing intent appeared frequently.

Here, countless masters roamed the lands and countless...

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