Chapter 1427 - The First Rune

Chapter 1427 -  The First Rune

The runes of the Asura Road could only enhance the various strengths of a martial artist within a certain range. They could only play a supporting role and a martial artist’s own strength was the main factor. This was so there wouldn’t be a situation where a Holy Lord would be able to kill an Empyrean.

With this condition as the basis, only then would these runes help in tempering individuals.

As Lin Ming understood all of this, he felt much more relieved.

At this time, the two bandits rushed towards him.

“You are still distracted in a fight? A laughable idiot like you is only courting death! This sword of mine will split apart all of your ribs!”

The two bandits attacked Lin Ming together. Atop their swords, fierce ghostly faces appeared. These souls were distorted in pain, crying out for help.

Hum~ Hum~ Hum~

The haunting cries of 10,000 ghosts radiated outwards. These two people were clearly martial artists of the demonic path.

Facing this aura,...

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