Chapter 1426 – Might of the Runes

Chapter 1426 – Might of the Runes

The gray skies were covered with dark red clouds. The layers of clouds hung low in the skies as if they would start bleeding at any moment.

The ground was a vast desert with shattered stones littered throughout. It was an extremely bleak and desolate land.

“This is the Asura Road?”

Lin Ming stood in this desert, his eyes closed. The heaven and earth origin energy was extremely fierce and wild. All sorts of different origin energies gathered here, recklessly colliding in chaotic abandon.

For martial artists that just arrived, even if it was Lin Ming, they would still be unaccustomed to this atmosphere and it would even cause their skills to be impacted. Of course, this could be adapted to with a little bit of training.

“This is the Asura Road, a separate world…”

Lin Ming stretched out his finger and gathered the power of space on his fingertip. To his amazement, he discovered that the power of space here was several times more stable than in the Divine Realm. It was extremely difficult if he wanted to shatter the void here; in fact, it was impossible for him right now.

“It's hard to imagine that this is really a world created by someone and yet it is far more stable than a natural true universe. I have no idea just what boundary the...

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