Chapter 1424 Transmission Accident

Chapter 1424 – Transmission Accident

A pale white spirit ship rapidly flew through the endless void of the universe. This spirit ship was carved from crystalline stone and was only several hundred feet long. Compared to the massive spirit ships that were thousands or tens of thousands of feet long, this spirit ship was extremely small and delicate. However, its value was hundreds of times greater than those giant spirit ships because its speed was simply not something that those giant spirit ships could hope to compare with.

Even the Primordius Heavenly Palace that Lin Ming possessed couldn’t hold a candle to this tiny crystal spirit ship in terms of speed. This wasn’t because Primordius Heavenly Palace was lacking in value, but because Primordius Heavenly Palace was a dwelling that mainly focused on defensive protections. Acting as a spirit ship was only an auxiliary function.

“We’ve arrived.”

Empyrean Divine Dream’s voice faintly echoed through the spirit ship. In just several days of time, she had brought Lin Ming aboard this crystal spirit ship and had crossed several great worlds of the Divine Realm before arriving at a chaotic nebula.

“This is the entrance to the Asura Road?”

“It can be considered so.” Empyrean Divine Dream nodded. “Rather, it is more accurate to say that the entrance existed here a long time ago. It was said that due to the great calamity 3.6 billion years ago, many entrances leading from the Divine Dream to the Asura Road were destroyed. The ones I know of that are remaining are nothing more than ancient ruins. Normally, it is impossible to enter the Asura Road using this location, but I can rely upon my cultivation to forcefully sunder open the void and form a transmission channel to let you through.

“After you enter this transmission channel, a unique serial number will be implanted into your body. This number will follow you through every smelting trial that you complete within the Asura Road, and it will only vanish when you leave or upon your death. This number will also become the only marking from which the Asura Road’s Heavenly Dao rule will recognize you.”

“I understand. Then, when Dragon Fang entered the Asura Road in the past, was it also Three Lives Old Man that helped him open a portal?”

“Yes. Within the entire Divine Realm there aren’t many people that can open a portal like this; there are probably around 20-30 people that can. Although Three Lives Old Man is nearing the end of his lifespan, he still remains horrifyingly powerful. He is the most senior person in the entire Divine Realm. 280 million years ago, he had already become an extreme Empyrean.”

Lin Ming said, “If so, then aren’t the conditions for opening the transmission channel to the Asura Road too high? There shouldn’t have been many young geniuses that were able to enter the Asura Road in these past years to temper themselves.”

“Mm… indeed, there haven’t been many at all.” Empyrean Divine Dream nodded. “Not entering the Asura Road isn’t necessarily a disadvantage. Even extreme geniuses have a chance of perishing within the Asura Road.

“In addition, besides having an Empyrean open a portal to allow martial artists to enter the Asura Road, there is also another method. Before the last great calamity, there were many Asura Commands that existed in the Divine Realm. If you can find an Asura Command then there is no need for you to take a transmission channel; you can rely upon that Asura Command to directly enter the Asura Road. Moreover, this Asura Command is also a necessary item to leave the Asura Road and return to the Divine Realm.”

“Asura Command?” Lin Ming’s mind stirred. It seemed that if he couldn’t complete the smelting trials of the Asura Road, the only way he would be able to leave was to find an Asura Command.

“Alright. Lin Ming, I shall send you there now. Let me give you a word of caution, do not try to thoroughly complete the trials of the Asura Road. The difficulties of these trials are too great, far too great. If you can complete a part of it and obtain just a portion of the rewards, that alone is already rare. You should take safety into consideration before you do anything. As long as there is life, there will be hope, and you should value your life as the most precious treasure!”

Divine Dream earnestly warned Lin Ming. Lin Ming nodded, “I understand.”

“Mm… also, I want to speak to you about that 100 year duel you have decided on with the Good Fortune Saint Son. I know that you did so in order to intentionally place pressure on yourself to grow, but just because there is pressure on you doesn’t mean that you will succeed. What I want to say is that if that time truly comes and you are certain that it is impossible for you to defeat the Good Fortune Saint Son, I possess a last resort. I can unbind your heart demon oath, but there will be a high price to pay.”

Lin Ming’s heart skipped a beat as he heard Empyrean Divine Dream casually speaking. Pay a price to unbind his heart demon oath?

His heart demon oath was especially formed by a transcendent divine might used to form contracts. The most terrifying aspect was that it used a martial artist’s heart demons. Everyone had heart demons, and the higher a martial artist’s cultivation was, the more powerful their heart demons were.

Thus, whether it was young heroic elites, Holy Lords, World Kings, or Empyreans, all of them could be bound by heart demon oaths. Even True Divinities feared their own heart demons.

If someone tried to unbind the heart demon oath of another, they would be forced to endure a counterattack of their own heart demons. Now, Empyrean Divine Dream had said that she had a last resort she could use to help Lin Ming resolve his heart demon oath. There had to be a price paid, but as for what this price was, he had no idea.

Lin Ming knew that even if Empyrean Divine Dream had astonishing attainments in the domain of the soul, and she also comprehended heart demons to a high degree, this price couldn’t be light at all.

Such a promise was an extremely heavy graciousness to Lin Ming. After all, in the eyes of nearly all high level figures in the Divine Realm, although Lin Ming was talented, it was almost the idiotic babblings of a retard to think that he could overtake the realm and a half advantage that the Good Fortune Saint Son had over him in a mere hundred years.

“Senior Divine Dream, this junior will carve this graciousness in his mind. A hundred years from now, I will not disappoint you.”

Lin Ming grit his teeth. He had to squeeze out every single drop of his potential; there was no path of retreat for him.

“Mm, you have never done anything you don’t have confidence in. I hope that this time is the same.”

As Divine Dream spoke she extended her right hand. Because of the movements of her arm, a beautiful, white pure arm as smooth as jade stretched out from her long white sleeve.

This arm seemed supple and flexible but it contained an incomparably terrifying power. With just a tiny tap, the void shattered like a frail ice crystal, completely disintegrating.

Ka ka ka ka ka!

This crack spread out like a growing spider web. In just an instant, it covered the heavens, blotting out the world!

“Step back a little.”

Empyrean Divine Dream faintly said. Lin Ming quickly flew back to the spirit ship.

Empyrean Divine Dream rapidly moved her fingers, forming a series of seals. The entire area began to spin around, forming a giant vortex in space. Endless heaven and earth origin energy began rolling up towards this vortex, swept up into it. Empyrean Divine Dream had actually forcefully created a black hole vortex.

This sort of action left Lin Ming shocked. With the slightest of gestures, Empyrean Divine Dream had broken apart all space for a hundred miles and forcefully opened up a spatial transmission channel.

This was the power of the most extreme Empyrean.

“You may enter now. I have already reformed the space channel. Through this channel you can directly enter the Asura Road. Also, this space channel is limited by certain rules. Only you alone are allowed to pass through; it is impossible for you to bring along incarnations of powerhouses, otherwise I could have produced several of them to help protect you in critical moments.”

“Oh, what happens if I violate these rules?” Lin Ming suddenly asked.

“Not much. You will be shot back out with some minor injuries, but you can re-enter afterwards.”

“I see…” Lin Ming nodded. “Then Senior Divine Dream, this junior will be on his way.”

As Lin Ming spoke, he took a deep breath and then turned into a beam of light as he dove into that black hole vortex!

The moment he entered that black hole vortex, Lin Ming felt a massive resistance. This resistance began to rapidly increase. In just the blink of an eye, it became an overwhelming momentum that formed an impregnable iron wall, rushing towards Lin Ming!


Lin Ming was startled. Before he could respond he was struck by this horrifying strength. He was slapped backwards as if he were struck by a mountain.


Lin Ming flew out from the black hole at an even faster speed than he entered. The terrifying strike of energy caused Lin Ming to feel as if all his bones almost shattered. A coppery rush swelled up his throat as he spat out a mouthful of blood and nearly fainted where he was.

“What… what happened…” Lin Ming’s entire body was in severe pain. The energy within him was restlessly moving and his organs felt discombobulated.

Before he entered the Asura Road transmission channel, he had asked Divine Dream what would happen if he violated the rules. If the punishment were to be exterminated like a rabid dog then that sort of death would be far too unjust.

Afterwards, Empyrean Divine Dream had said that the punishment wasn’t too great so Lin Ming didn’t mind much after that. Or, to be more accurate, he didn’t think that the Asura Road would recognize that he violated these rules.

However, Lin Ming had indeed violated the rules. Within the Magic Cube space there were two people. One was Mo Eversnow and the other was the gluttonous and sleep-loving Fishy.

In Lin Ming’s opinion, the Magic Cube was an existence that surpassed the scope of the Heavenly Dao Laws. It was impossible for anyone to see the Magic Cube that was deeply slumbering within his body.

In the past, Lin Ming had encountered various mystic realms which also had various restrictions when crossing into them, but none of them were able to block the Magic Cube. This was the same when Lin Ming returned to the Sky Spill Continent. The Sky Spill Planet had the protective enchantment of Empyrean Primordius, making it so that no non-native martial artists with a cultivation above the Divine Sea realm could enter. But, this hadn’t been able to stop the Magic Cube.

Only today had he ever encountered problems!

This was something that Lin Ming never imagined possible. This Asura Road was far too strange.

Even the Magic Cube was unable to skirt around its rules!

“Lin Ming, you…” Empyrean Divine Dream looked at Lin Ming, puzzled, “Do you have an incarnation jade slip on your body? Was it given to you by one of Mount Potala’s eminent monks?”

Lin Ming ruefully smiled. He certainly didn’t have an incarnation jade slip on his body to explain his current predicament. If he couldn’t bring Fishy and Mo Eversnow with him, then he would need to explain this to Empyrean Divine Dream.

Empyrean Divine Dream had helped him far too many times. At Demondawn World, she had also saved his life. Lin Ming’s emotional and mental inhibitions towards Divine Dream had fallen to the lowest limit.

Lin Ming hesitated for a moment and then truthfully said, “It isn’t an incarnation jade slip… on this junior’s body is… Senior, please take a look.”

As Lin Ming spoke, his thoughts moved and both Mo Eversnow and Fishy were teleported out from the Magic Cube space. Although Mo Eversnow was residing in the Magic Cube space, she also had an approximate understanding of what was happening. She looked towards Lin Ming and also looked towards Empyrean Divine Dream. This sort of situation was completely beyond her realm of expectations. With everything happening so suddenly she was a bit embarrassed and also a bit cautious, although she knew there was no point keeping her guard up in front of Empyrean Divine Dream.

As for Fishy, she rubbed her large and sleepy eyes. She looked around, her eyes blurry, like she didn’t know what was happening.

As Empyrean Divine Dream saw Mo Eversnow and Fishy suddenly appear, she was shocked. Hiding within Lin Ming’s body were two women? And from beginning to end, she had never seen through it!

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