Chapter 1424 – Transmission Accident

Chapter 1424 – Transmission Accident

A pale white spirit ship rapidly flew through the endless void of the universe. This spirit ship was carved from crystalline stone and was only several hundred feet long. Compared to the massive spirit ships that were thousands or tens of thousands of feet long, this spirit ship was extremely small and delicate. However, its value was hundreds of times greater than those giant spirit ships because its speed was simply not something that those giant spirit ships could hope to compare with.

Even the Primordius Heavenly Palace that Lin Ming possessed couldn’t hold a candle to this tiny crystal spirit ship in terms of speed. This wasn’t because Primordius Heavenly Palace was lacking in value, but because Primordius Heavenly Palace was a dwelling that mainly focused on defensive protections. Acting as a spirit ship was only an auxiliary function.

“We’ve arrived.”

Empyrean Divine Dream’s voice faintly echoed through the spirit ship. In just several days of time, she had brought Lin Ming aboard this crystal spirit ship and had crossed several great worlds of the Divine Realm before arriving at a chaotic nebula.

“This is the entrance to the Asura Road?”

“It can be considered so.” Empyrean Divine Dream nodded. “Rather,...

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