Chapter 1423 – God Runes

Chapter 1423 – God Runes

Lin Ming hadn’t thought that Empyrean Divine Dream had been to the Asura Road too. Nine years ago, when Dragon Fang went to the Asura Road, that likely meant that his master, the Three Lives Old Man, had also been there.

It seemed that the Asura Road was a smelting trial destination that wasn’t a secret to the high level figures of the Divine Realm. As for the average person, they had likely never heard about it because they simply weren’t able to come into contact with it.

Empyrean Divine Dream said, “The Asura Road is filled with countless dangers. It’s a land that possesses all the various races of the 33 Layered Heavens because it is an unordered world to begin with. It is common for murder to casually take place on the streets and it is extremely chaotic. However, this still isn’t the main source of danger.”

“Mm? These dangers are…” Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred. Oftentimes upon entering a mystic realm of the Divine Realm, the true dangers didn’t originate from the mystic realm itself but the other...

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