Chapter 1422 Asura Road

Chapter 1422 – Asura Road

Divine Dream World –

Amidst a boundless sea of clouds were countless floating celestial mountains. These mountains were covered with all sorts of spirit trees and flowers as well as numerous world treasures. Among these many celestial mountains was an exquisite jade structure that was slowly travelling about. This was Divine Dream Heavenly Palace.

At this time, within a separate space-time of Divine Dream Heavenly Palace, sunlight was falling down in its great glory. A beautiful spring day bloomed all over as the crisp sound of spring water splashed up into the world. The running springs were clear and sweet, with clusters of bamboo decorating the lakes. A fresh and fragrant scent wafted through the air, refreshing to the senses and warming the heart.

A white-clothed Empyrean Divine Dream was holding a jade bowl as she leaned over the edge of a lake, feeding the little fishes swimming within it.

The fish food within this jade bowl wasn’t common food, but treasures refined from precious materials of the heavens and earth. These were treasures that even a Holy Lord would feel envious over, but Empyrean Divine Dream was actually using them to feed the fish. Of course, the fish she was feeding weren’t ordinary fish. These fish could take human form, and as they studied the Divine Dream Law and grew up they would be incredible geniuses.

Standing not too far away from Empyrean Divine Dream was a white-clothed youth. This youth was Lin Ming.

After the battle with Imperial Prince Naqi, Lin Ming had returned to Divine Dream Heavenly Palace and began to train in the Divine Dream Law with Empyrean Divine Dream.

In the blink of an eye, five months had passed. In these five months, Lin Ming had been personally guided by Empyrean Divine Dream. This was a completely hands-on style of teaching, a level of favor that only Frost Dream had been given in the past.

Not just that, but every several days, Divine Dream would find several senior-apprentice sisters of Divine Dream Heavenly Palace to come and fight Lin Ming to help train him in various aspects of battle.

The food that Lin Ming ate every day was the highest level of spirit food in Divine Dream Heavenly Palace. Because of the great calamity, the resources used to develop Lin Ming could be called the best in the entire Divine Realm.

After Lin Ming returned to the Divine Realm from the Sky Spill Continent, he had first gone to Divine Dream Heavenly Palace and then Mount Potala. Finally, after all this time, he had once again returned to Divine Dream Heavenly Palace.

At Mount Potala, Lin Ming had gone to the Irreproachable Stupas and had felt the wills of the past high monks of Mount Potala.

In Divine Dream Heavenly Palace, he was able to live in the same separate space as Empyrean Divine Dream where she would freely direct him.

Lin Ming could already be considered one of the greatest cards that humanity had to withstand the great calamity. Of course, the basis of all this was that Lin Ming could grow up before all-out war broke out. Otherwise, all the efforts placed in him would be for naught.

“Senior Divine Dream, junior wishes to leave and go out to adventure.”

“Mm?” Divine Dream looked at Lin Ming. She wasn’t surprised that Lin Ming would want to leave, only that it would be so soon. “If you leave, where will you go? The Bright Luster World battlefield?”

Lin Ming shook his head. “The Bright Luster World battlefield is full of life and death slaughters, but that place no longer suits me. There are no World Kings fighting and the most powerful ones there are Holy Lords. Moreover, there aren’t many of them to begin with. As a place to adventure and temper myself, it won’t have any effect at all.”

“Then where do you want to go?” Divine Dream asked. Besides the Bright Luster World battlefield, there were no other places that were suitable for Lin Ming to go to. Although Lin Ming had yet to grow and his cultivation was only at the Divine Transformation realm, he absolutely wasn’t weak.

He already possessed strength on par with a Holy Lord. Just what sort of concept was a Holy Lord? In the past, the Palace Masters of the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s 72 branch palaces were Holy Lords.

In the past, Fairy Feng and Sage Jiuyang were both peak Divine Lords. Now, neither of them were Lin Ming’s match.

Currently, if Lin Ming was to be placed in any of the Divine Realm’s 3000 great worlds he would be a character that could rule over his own domain. In terms of strength he was equal to someone from the older generation.

The only reason that Lin Ming seemed weaker than normal was because he had spent a great deal of his time in different Heavenly Palaces and the characters he came into contact with were Empyreans or World Kings.

In this sort of situation, if Lin Ming wanted to go out and adventure, the only suitable locations for him would be mystic realms.

Lin Ming said, “This junior would like to go to Saint Convocation Heaven, the territory of the saints!”

“What!?” Divine Dream was shocked. Lin Ming’s words were astonishing. He actually wanted to go to a universe controlled by the saints!

“What do you plan on doing there?”

With Lin Ming’s current status, going to the Saint Convocation Heavens would undoubtedly be dangerous.

Lin Ming said, “This junior has already cultivated the Bodily Rebirth Technique to a high level of proficiency. Now I can change the aura of my body and soul. Even if I were to go to the territory of the saints, I wouldn’t be seen through as long as I don’t come into contact with an Empyrean level character.”

The Bodily Rebirth Technique that Lin Ming spoke about was the appearance changing technique he had studied at Divine Dream Heavenly Palace.

When he had changed his appearance and gone to the Demondawn Great World, he had been caught by Tian Mingzi’s divine sense because he hadn’t been able to change the aura of his soul.

“Junior wants to go to Saint Convocation Heaven to experience and learn more about the saint race’s body transformation technique inheritances. The saint race’s body transformation technique inheritance is indeed at least a hundred times more powerful than anything in the Divine Realm. The Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens is originally all-encompassing. The road that I still wish to travel is long. I believe that my experience will be much greater if I can go to the Saint Convocation Heavens.”

As Lin Ming spoke, Divine Dream shook her head, “Humans still know nothing about the saints, moreover, the space channel that connects the Divine Realm and Saint Convocation Heavens is strictly monitored by the saints in order to prevent any human spies from entering their land. If you want to survive in the Saint Convocation Heaven, it will be extremely dangerous for you. It’s likely you would be found out when you pass through the channel, so I cannot agree with your decision to go. If you want to go somewhere where there are saints in order to temper yourself and adventure, I can recommend a destination to you…”


“Asura Road!” Empyrean Divine Dream calmly said. Lin Ming felt a shiver run down his back.

Asura Road!

He had faintly heard that after the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting, Dragon Fang had gone to Asura Road.

“That is where Dragon Fang went nine years ago?” Lin Ming asked.

“Yes, it is the same destination. However, Dragon Fang didn’t truly enter Asura Road; he only wandered around the surroundings. After truly entering Asura Road, wanting to leave afterwards isn’t easy at all. That… is a very ‘special’ place.” Divine Dream heavily emphasized the word ‘special’.

“What sort of place is that?” After Lin Ming listened to this, he was interested. He originally thought that Asura Road was a place similar to a mystic realm with a massive amount of demons and monsters inside, as well as evil beings and vicious beasts. If these creatures were powerful enough then wanting to engage in a brutal slaughter with them was nine chances of death and one chance of survival. In addition, perhaps the Asura Road had some types of treasures and wanting to obtain these treasures depended on one’s lucky chances. Because of these treasures, there would be tremendous battles that broke out between the various martial artists that entered Asura Road. These types of situations were similar in the Red Desolate Mystic Realm and the God Beast Mystic Realm.

However, Divine Dream had only said that Asura Road was very ‘special’.

It had to be known that Divine Dream had lived for 10 million years and had seen countless sights. It wasn’t easy for her to classify anything as ‘special’.

Divine Dream continued, “I have also been to Asura Road. It is a fantastical place that you cannot imagine. It is a completely self-contained world with its own set of Laws. It doesn’t belong to the 33 Layered Heavens at all. Rather, it seems to be a man-made world.

“If the Heavenly Dao is a type of life, then the Heavenly Dao of the Divine Realm and Saint Convocation Heaven is similar to this life. Cold, relentless, uncaring and unchangeable. But, within the Asura Road, this life seems to be different, as if it has the ability to think…”

As Empyrean Divine Dream slowly spoke, Lin Ming was shocked.

Heavenly Dao Laws that could think? Just what was that like?

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