Chapter 1422 – Asura Road

Chapter 1422 – Asura Road

Divine Dream World –

Amidst a boundless sea of clouds were countless floating celestial mountains. These mountains were covered with all sorts of spirit trees and flowers as well as numerous world treasures. Among these many celestial mountains was an exquisite jade structure that was slowly travelling about. This was Divine Dream Heavenly Palace.

At this time, within a separate space-time of Divine Dream Heavenly Palace, sunlight was falling down in its great glory. A beautiful spring day bloomed all over as the crisp sound of spring water splashed up into the world. The running springs were clear and sweet, with clusters of bamboo decorating the lakes. A fresh and fragrant scent wafted through the air, refreshing to the senses and warming the heart.

A white-clothed Empyrean Divine Dream was holding a jade bowl as she leaned over the edge of a lake, feeding the little fishes swimming within...

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