Chapter 1421 – Bait

Chapter 1421 – Bait

Empyrean Demondawn had significant relations with the Monster Emperor.

In the past, Demondawn and the Monster Emperor were comrades. Before the two of them rose to fame, they had encountered each other in a mystic realm filled with perils. At the time, the two of them stumbled upon death’s door and nearly perished. Only by mutually supporting each other had they been able to live.

Afterwards, the two of them never broke off their connection. Together, they explored many mystic realms and even became Empyreans. They could be considered sworn friends.

There were extremely few Empyreans to begin with. For a pair of friends to become Empyreans was even rarer.

There were very few people that knew how Empyrean Demondawn and the Monster Emperor were related. These people were also mostly at the Empyrean level.

Afterwards, Empyrean Demondawn’s son had married the monster race’s Dark Phoenix Saintess.

The Dark Phoenix Saintess was not a descendant of the Monster Emperor. However, if one wished to marry the Dark Phoenix Saintess they needed the compliance of the Monster Emperor. This act had deepened the relations between the Demondawn bloodline and the monster race.

This marriage had originally been a marriage of politics, but no one had expected that after the Dark Phoenix Saintess and Demondawn’s son were married, they would actually produce a da...

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