Chapter 1420 – Raging Undercurrents

Chapter 1420 – Raging Undercurrents

The Divine Realm’s 3000 great worlds also included many medium and small worlds. Although these medium and small worlds weren’t as large as a great world, they reached a terrifying quantity. When their total area was added together, they were even broader than the total area of the 3000 great worlds.

Within these worlds lived many other races. Lots of these races weren’t purebred humans. There were goliaths, gores, imps, monsters, and even clans like the Occult Bone Clan were included.

Out of all these different races, the monster race was the most powerful.

The monster race had their own great world as well as countless medium and small worlds. Their population was extremely high and they had many World Kings and Empyreans in their ranks.

The members of the monster race naturally had an inborn martial arts talent. According to the quality of their bloodline, different Law runes were inscribed into their bones and flesh. They were a brave and fierce race, a truly terrible force to be reckoned with.

At this time, in the monster race’s Monster Emperor Palace, in a vast hall, there was a rectangular stone table.

More than 10 people were sitting around it. The one sitting in the honored seat of this stone table was a large middle-aged man.

This man was 15 feet tall, twice the...

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