Chapter 1419 – Victory and Defeat

Chapter 1419 – Victory and Defeat


In the wreckage of the ruins, Naqi crawled up from the rubble. He was already pounded into a nearly unrecognizable form by the Primordius Gate.

At this time, all of Naqi’s bone spikes had shattered, his arms were ruined, and the bone armor that covered his body had cracked to pieces. Even the bloodied white bones of his arms were exposed to the world. Half of his wings were cut off. He was a complete mess as he dragged himself across the ground.

Just his outside appearance was this horrible and his insides were even worse. His meridians had broken in countless areas, his organs, bones, and blood vessels had cracked apart everywhere.

“The Imperial Prince was defeated!”

“Imperial Prince Naqi is known as being invincible amongst his step in the entire saint race. He is someone that will surely step onto the road of True Divinity in the future, but he lost here to a human!”

The saint martial artists that watched this battle were all dumbfounded. A deep sense of shock and disbelief came over them. This was simply too unimaginable.

Here, a legend was broken and another legend had been formed.

The impression that Lin Ming left on them was profoundly deep.

As for the human martial artists, in particular the young elites, all of them clenched their fists together, their faces...

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