Chapter 1418 – Suppressing the Imperial Prince

Chapter 1418 – Suppressing the Imperial Prince

In that moment, every ounce of origin energy between the heavens and earth began to crazily gather towards that seed of chaos, forming a dark star black hole!

Then, Lin Ming used the entirety of his strength to thrust this dark star black hole towards Imperial Prince Naqi.

“Dragon Wrestling Art, I’ll blow you up!”

Naqi lifted his hands high, bringing the heaven-sundering war halberd into the air. Then, he smashed down. This strike was used with 120% of his strength. He revolved all of his astral essence to the limit. His muscles bulged outwards as countless blue veins rose up, squirming about like earthworms even as they burst apart beneath the pressure!

The heaven-sundering war halberd came pounding down!


With a dreadful explosion, Naqi’s halberd collided with the black hole seed!

In that instant, all the space within 10 miles collapsed!

This was the space of the Divine Void! Underneath the intense collision of Lin Ming and Naqi’s strike, this stable space was as frail as glass!

“A battle between a Divine Transformation and Saint Transformation...

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