Chapter 1417 Blue Soul Battle Spirit

Chapter 1417 – Blue Soul Battle Spirit

The blue soul battle spirit split into two. One half shot towards the heaven-sundering war halberd. A battle spirit was the manifestation of a martial artist’s will. If one’s will was strong, they could control everything around them. The Ruling Spirit Art was created with this characteristic in mind.

At this time, Lin Ming had abruptly used his blue soul battle spirit to control the space around the war halberd! The blue soul battle spirit was like an invisible hand. When combined with the grandmist energy, it slowed down the halberd.

As for the second half of the battle spirit, it shot into Naqi’s spiritual sea, crashing into it like a bolt of lightning!

Naqi’s body shook and he coughed miserably. In this moment, Lin Ming rushed forwards and thrust the Phoenix Blood Spear towards Naqi’s throat.

“You - !”

Naqi was enraged. He roared out, slashing his claw down at the Phoenix Blood Spear!


Naqi’s post-metamorphosis body was far too durable. His claw pressed against the Phoenix Blood Spear, bending it into a curve.

Power of thunder and fire – explode!

Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. From behind Lin Ming, the phantom of the Heretical God Tree appeared. A terrifying power of thunder and fire flushed out as if the dam holding it back had burst apart.


A fierce explosion rang out. Naqi’s right hand was exploded into a mess of blood and flesh!

And at this time, the war halberd that was hindered by the blue soul battle spirit and grandmist energy came smashing down!

Lin Ming stepped on the void, suddenly stepping back. As he stepped back, space was destroyed and spatial runes appeared beneath his feet, instantly bringing him back a thousand feet.

That detonation of thunder and fire had torn apart the space cage just now. Thus, Naqi was unable to lock down Lin Ming.


The heaven-sundering war halberd pounded the earth, causing the ground to shake. A savage energy shot up into the skies, blowing away all the clouds and leaving the entire Ash Blood Mountain in a chaotic wreck. The originally messy ruins of Ash Blood Mountain were struck hundreds of feet lower by Naqi’s attack!

This was the all-out attack of Naqi after he had undergone his second transformation; the might of this strike could be imagined, but it was still avoided by Lin Ming!

Not only did Lin Ming avoid it, but he even caused grievous wounds to Naqi’s right hand.

“That is a blue soul battle spirit!”

“Lin Ming has already stepped into the threshold of a blue soul battle spirit?”

The saint martial artists weren’t too knowledgeable about battle spirits but the human martial artists had a deep and profound awareness of them; they knew just how significant it was for a middle Divine Transformation martial artist to reach the level of a blue soul battle spirit.

There were numerous peak Holy Lords that were unable to take this step in their entire lives. The distance between a gold battle spirit and a blue soul battle spirit was simply too great, like an immeasurable moat. Even so, Lin Ming had actually obtained a blue soul battle spirit at the Divine Transformation realm. This level of talent was far too bewildering!

“Maybe… Lin Ming has already surpassed Frost Dream in attainments of battle spirits!”

“I can’t believe it. Frost Dream comes from Divine Dream Heavenly Palace and studies the Divine Dream Law so her soul is undoubtedly strong. Then, just what is Lin Ming relying on to reach this level?”

The human martial artists all looked at each other in confusion. Lin Ming’s immense strength encompassed every aspect; he nearly had no weakness!


Naqi leapt up from the wreckage. His right arm was stained with blood and his face was savage. After undergoing two body metamorphoses he thought that even if this strike wouldn’t win him immediate victory, he would still be able to wound Lin Ming and then slowly overcome him. But, he never imagined that Lin Ming would use this strange method to counter his attack and cause him to be injured instead.

As a result, his all-out strike had struck nothing at all. This feel of hitting nothing but air was extremely uncomfortable and enraging!

Lin Ming’s eyes blazed as he looked at Naqi. He slowly said, “In this world there is no perfect race. The saint race’s geniuses seem as if they are more powerful than the humans’, but they also have their own weakness. Your overly powerful mortal body has instead weakened your soul. In terms of battle spirits, you are inferior to humans!”

Lin Ming laid bare the weaknesses of the saint race.

To a human martial artist, a battle spirit could be said to play a large role, but also a small role.

If one said it had a large role, that was because there were many special situations where a battle spirit could display a tremendous function. It could stabilize one’s will and be used to withstand soul attacks.

If one said it had a small role, that was because in actual combat, the effects of a battle spirit weren’t too obvious.

This was because if someone had a battle spirit then so would others. If someone used their battle spirit to hinder their opponent, their opponent would use their battle spirit to offset this.

Unless there was a great disparity in battle spirits, the effects of them in combat were minor.

Thus, when Lin Ming was in the Sky Spill Continent he had frequently used his battle spirit. This was because he was often the only one who possessed a battle spirit. Even when he met other martial artists of the Sky Spill Continent who had a battle spirit, they were often at the bronze forming stage. To reach bronze perfection was a legend among legends. As for a silver battle spirit, that was a completely unknown domain to the martial artists of the Sky Spill Continent. In terms of battle spirits, all of them were thrown 108,000 miles away by Lin Ming.

Like this, Lin Ming’s battle spirit hadn’t found a rival. He had been able to pull open a great gulf between himself and the other martial artists of the Sky Spill Continent.

But in the Divine Realm, the function of his battle spirit had been far smaller because the opponents Lin Ming faced were stronger and their attainments in battle spirits were also outstanding. Frost Dream possessed a battle spirit that was on equal standing with Lin Ming’s.

When everyone was supporting their attacks with battle spirits then the battle spirits would balance each other out, meaning neither side would be able to display their full strength.

Now, in facing Imperial Prince Naqi, Lin Ming’s battle spirit was able to display a miraculous effect. This was because the saint race’s battle spirits were far too weak!

“Battle spirit… hehe! I didn’t think that your battle spirit could reach such a degree! My saint race is a natural enemy race of you humans. Throughout these countless years, innumerable wars have erupted between our races, so how could my saint race not know about your human race’s battle spirits? Your attack was unexpected so I suffered a loss, but as long as I revolve my astral essence with an arcane skill and seal away my spiritual sea, then your battle spirit attack is useless. The most you’ll be able to do is try to hinder my motions, but I can use my absolute strength to break through the obstruction of your battle spirit!”

As Imperial Prince Naqi spoke, his entire body began to emit explosive crackling sounds once more. He lifted his war halberd, rushing towards Lin Ming again!

His strength already reached a nearly unimaginable degree. Even under the dual influence of the grandmist space and blue soul battle spirit, he forcefully withstood them both and attacked Lin Ming!

A terrifying strength poured forth, like a raging tsunami, a collapsing mountain!

All of Naqi’s astral essence turned into a black dragon that danced in the air as it impacted towards Lin Ming!

Lin Ming revolved all the true essence within his body. The phantom of the Heretical God Tree reappeared behind him. The power of thunder and fire heavenly tribulation gushed forth, howling into the world.

Heavenly Dao Judgment!


This was a true frontal collision. Supported by the blue soul battle spirit and grandmist space, Lin Ming weakened Naqi’s impact!

The power of thunder and fire heavenly tribulation wove together into a sea of red and purple, swallowing up the skies!

Naqi raised his head to the sky and let out a heaven-quaking roar. All of the muscles within his body burst out and his long hair twisted in the wind. He brought his war halberd crashing down. The void trembled as a brutal shockwave caused the world to vibrate and all of the spectators’ scalps to tingle.

A terrifying endurance, a terrifying mortal body explosive force!

Even with the bindings of the blue soul battle spirit, Naqi was still fierce like an unstoppable beast.

“This is too horrifying! It’s absolutely impossible to fight Naqi in close combat, otherwise Lin Ming will be ripped to shreds!”

“This is Lin Ming! He cultivates dual body and energy so his body is equally durable. If a normal martial artist were to stand in his place, even if they weren’t directly struck down by Naqi, just this aura alone and the shockwaves it produces would cause their body to burst apart in a fountain of blood!”

“No wonder that Naqi was so arrogant these past days, because he indeed has the qualifications to be arrogant! If Naqi is so fierce, then what degree has the Good Fortune Saint Son reached? Since Lin Ming challenged the Good Fortune Saint Son to a match in 100 years, isn’t that the same as a 100 year suicide deadline?”

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

A dreadful impact noise stunned the ears. Everyone retreated again and again. In the skies, all they saw were two beams of divine light violently colliding. One was pure black and the other was red and purple!

This sort of collision required an unthinkable amount of energy. Even so, that Imperial Prince Naqi likely didn’t care at all. In the eyes of the human martial artists, he wasn’t a person at all but a beast in disguise. His stamina and endurance were undoubtedly just as great.

As for Lin Ming, he actually managed to forcefully engage Naqi in a brutal melee fest. Moreover, this was dozens of moves, each move shaking the heavens and earth!

The ones most shocked here were the saint martial artists.

There all watched with dumbfounded expressions. Originally, when saints and humans fought, it was usually saints chasing and humans fleeing. The humans would try their best to pull open the distance and attack the saints from afar. Because of this, the saints looked down at humans with contempt, thinking they were nothing but a gutless and pathetic race.

But now, Lin Ming was actually engaging Naqi in a head on battle!

As Witchplume, the sixth ranked martial artist of the saints’ First Martial Meeting, looked up at the skies, she took a deep breath. Her eyes sparkled. The intensity of this battle was too great. If she were up there instead, let alone being able to block a move, but even if she did she wouldn’t be able to last more than 20 exchanges before collapsing. In other words, Lin Ming not only surpassed her in strength but also in endurance and restorative power. These two aspects were the pride of the saint race and yet she had been surpassed in them by a human!

“Hahaha! Great! Wonderful! Let me see just how long you can last!”

Naqi’s entire body was covered in blood. Although he was rapidly using up his strength and astral essence, his aura became increasingly fierce the longer he fought!

“Dragon Wrestling Art!”

Naqi used the Dragon Wrestling Art of the saint race. When a saint martial artist achieved the peak of their mortal bodies, they could even wrestle an Azure Dragon unarmed!

Currently, Naqi was far from reaching such a level. Even so, he had managed to cultivate a bit of this move’s charm. For him, bringing down a young dragon wasn’t any problem at all.

“Black hole seed!”

Lin Ming flew backwards, his hands forming over a thousand seals at once. The dark black hole seed emerged from his inner world, rapidly spinning in the skies.

After nine years, this miniature black hole had become much larger.

This was the inheritance left behind by Empyrean Divine Seal and also the highest level technique that Lin Ming possessed!

“Another little fancy trick of the essence gathering system. Then, I will use absolute strength to annihilate it!”

Naqi laughed and hurtled towards Lin Ming.

Lin Ming’s expression was calm and cold. His entire body began revolving energy as the phantom of the Heretical God Tree appeared behind him. All of the heaven and earth origin energy within a hundred miles began to stir until it was whipped up into a howling storm. Lin Ming chanted out loud, “Power of the Black Hole, swallow all matter, swallow all light, swallow the five elements, swallow all sound, fall into an infinite abyss of time, within this cage of space you shall never emerge, sink forever, perish through the sands of history! Divine Seal Art, swallow all of existence – Eternal Darkness!”

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