Chapter 1417 – Blue Soul Battle Spirit

Chapter 1417 – Blue Soul Battle Spirit

The blue soul battle spirit split into two. One half shot towards the heaven-sundering war halberd. A battle spirit was the manifestation of a martial artist’s will. If one’s will was strong, they could control everything around them. The Ruling Spirit Art was created with this characteristic in mind.

At this time, Lin Ming had abruptly used his blue soul battle spirit to control the space around the war halberd! The blue soul battle spirit was like an invisible hand. When combined with the grandmist energy, it slowed down the halberd.

As for the second half of the battle spirit, it shot into Naqi’s spiritual sea, crashing into it like a bolt of lightning!

Naqi’s body shook and he coughed miserably. In this moment, Lin Ming rushed forwards and thrust the Phoenix Blood Spear towards Naqi’s throat.

“You - !”

Naqi was enraged. He roared out, slashing his claw down at the Phoenix Blood Spear!


Naqi’s post-metamorphosis body was far too durable. His claw pressed against the Phoenix Blood Spear, bending it into a curve.

Power of thunder and fire – explode!

Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. From behind Lin Ming, the phantom of the Heretical God Tree appeared. A terrifying power of thunder and fire flushed out as if the dam holding it back had burst a...

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