Chapter 1416 – Naqi’s Power

Chapter 1416 – Naqi’s Power

Naqi was not surprised by Lin Ming’s use of the Time and Space Laws, but by the degree to which he could utilize the grandmist space. When he had approached Lin Ming, Lin Ming hadn’t taken even half a step backwards. The reason that Lin Ming had dared to allow a body transformation martial artist to come close was not because of his own body transformation technique but because of his grandmist space. The smaller the area of the grandmist space was, the greater its might would be!

In other words, from the very start Lin Ming hadn’t feared close combat at all. When Imperial Prince Naqi had approached him he already had a plan laid out. Lin Ming had waited for the moment that Naqi attacked to launch his own counterattack and take him by surprise.

However, the sure-win strike had failed.

Lin Ming was startled. Even though he didn’t underestimate Naqi, he never imagined that Naqi would be able to attain such high comprehension in the Laws as a saint race martial artist.

In that instant, Naqi had utilized three different Laws. In particular, the Space and Time Laws. Although he hadn’t been able to achieve the degree of proficiency that Lin Ming had reached, he had still...

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