Chapter 1416 Naqi’s Power

Chapter 1416 – Naqi’s Power

Naqi was not surprised by Lin Ming’s use of the Time and Space Laws, but by the degree to which he could utilize the grandmist space. When he had approached Lin Ming, Lin Ming hadn’t taken even half a step backwards. The reason that Lin Ming had dared to allow a body transformation martial artist to come close was not because of his own body transformation technique but because of his grandmist space. The smaller the area of the grandmist space was, the greater its might would be!

In other words, from the very start Lin Ming hadn’t feared close combat at all. When Imperial Prince Naqi had approached him he already had a plan laid out. Lin Ming had waited for the moment that Naqi attacked to launch his own counterattack and take him by surprise.

However, the sure-win strike had failed.

Lin Ming was startled. Even though he didn’t underestimate Naqi, he never imagined that Naqi would be able to attain such high comprehension in the Laws as a saint race martial artist.

In that instant, Naqi had utilized three different Laws. In particular, the Space and Time Laws. Although he hadn’t been able to achieve the degree of proficiency that Lin Ming had reached, he had still steadily reached the fifth level Concept. If he used it for just defense then he was only slightly worse than Lin Ming, and this slight difference had caused his chest to be stabbed by the Phoenix Blood Spear.

Naqi’s defensive powerful was horrifying. It was impossible for that light stab to pierce his heart. Even though Lin Ming was able to break apart Naqi’s tough skin that was as hard as divine iron, that was entirely due to the powerful strength brought to him by the Eight Inner Hidden Gates. Otherwise, he wouldn’t even be able to leave behind a flesh wound!

“Naqi is injured!”

Many people noticed the blood leaking out from between Naqi’s fingers. The saint martial artists were so shocked that they couldn’t even speak.

In their minds, Naqi was an invincible existence amongst his peers. The only one that could challenge Naqi was the Good Fortune Saint Son if he had reversed his age by several dozen years!

And yet this Naqi was actually injured.

Everyone could see that the spear strike had only caused a light wound to his skin and flesh that didn’t even affect Naqi’s combat efficient. Even if that strike were to hit a human’s body, it still wouldn’t affect their combat strength, but those saint martial artists found this hard to believe.

This was because Naqi was a legendary existence in their minds!

The human martial artists all gripped their fists, not cheering. They only looked at the battlefield, nervousness in their eyes. In that exchange just now they hadn’t been able to understand anything at all, and the result was an unknown to him.

Naqi looked at his bloodstained hands. He stretched out his tongue and licked his bloodstained fingers, looking like a demonic monster.

“I didn’t expect that not only would you have inherited Empyrean Primordius’ legacy but that you would also have practiced the Grandmist Heavenly Dao to such a degree. I’ve underestimated you.” As Naqi spoke, the muscles on his chest began to wriggle about. The wound that Lin Ming left behind was regenerating at a visible speed.

What an abnormal restorative power!

This sort of regenerative ability was even greater than Lin Ming’s.

Lin Ming watched as the wound he left behind vanished. He coldly said, “I also didn’t think that even though you are a saint you would comprehend the Laws, and also to such a high boundary.”

“Hahaha!” Naqi laughed. “In the 33 Layered Heavens Dao, the essence gathering system has 11 layers. The ‘Seek Nine Falls and find the Nine Divine Shifts’ that humanity practices is only a single variation. In this world there is also an essence gathering system that my saint race can cultivate. Did you think that only you could dual cultivate body and energy and that I could not?

“Yes, whether it is humans or saints, both are equal. The saints excel in body transformation and humans excel in essence gathering. This also means that the ‘Seek Nine Falls and find the Nine Divine Shifts’ that humanity practices is the strongest essence gathering system of the 11 Daos! Now, let us see just who among us is more powerful!”

Whether it was Lin Ming or Naqi, both of them dual cultivated in body and energy. They were both unrivalled geniuses in this aspect, stepping on similar paths as if guided by the hands of fate.

Of course, Lin Ming not only dual cultivated body and energy, but triple cultivated essence, energy, and soul.

He believed that even though following this path of cultivation was difficult, it was necessary if he wished to find the road which led to the peak of martial arts, because that was the most universal truth in the world.


Lin Ming and Imperial Prince Naqi collided once more. Their overwhelming momentum caused the earth to shake.

A terrifying shockwave rushed out like a tide, extending to infinity!

Lin Ming and Imperial Prince Naqi both launched into a brutal melee. Each strike was devastating, creating massive craters in the ground and filling the skies with dust. As one looked down from the heavens, they could see a giant bowl-shaped pit being slowly dug out.

In just a moment, the towering Ash Blood Mountain had been reduced to a desert. Countless rocks were turned into powder, crazily sweeping through the world in giant storms.

“Interesting, interesting! You are a match that is worthy for me to be excited about! But what a pity, your grandmist space cannot be filled with grandmist energy at all times, otherwise your true essence cannot endure. I know that stimulating the grandmist energy that is as heavy as stars places a tremendous burden and level of consumption on your body! If this is the limit of your skill then your loss has already been decided!”

Naqi wildly cackled. Atop his spear, a divine fire lit up. This was his astral essence that he was maddeningly burning.

Ka ka ka ka!

Naqi’s joints emitted explosive sounds once more. His body grew again and again until he was a head higher than Lin Ming.

Naqi’s body was originally covered in scales, but now those scales had turned into plates of bone armor!

The hard and fierce bone armor covered Naqi’s entire body. His arms became sturdier and thicker and meridian channels spread through his fingers, twisting about like worms. His entire being filled with strength and even his shoes split apart as clawed feet appeared, similar to a dragon’s.

On his head, curved horns grew out just like a devil. Then, with a flapping sound, a pair of giant wings unfolded behind Naqi’s back. As these two wings spread out, their wingspan was actually 30 feet.

Imperial Prince Naqi had transformed his body once more. This was two body metamorphoses!

“Two body metamorphoses?”

“He can transform his body twice!?”

All of the human martial artists were shocked. A single body metamorphosis ability was already freakishly abnormal, but Naqi was actually able to do so twice.

A terrifying aura exuded from his body. Let alone fighting him, even those people that were watching from ten miles away felt a horrible pressure!

Naqi smashed his claws into the ground and then slowly stood up. His two wings spread out, causing all of the surrounding dust and sand to be swept up into a tornado.

“My clan is one of the most magnificent clans of the saint race. We possess the royal bloodline, and when the most outstanding peak geniuses of my clan step into the realm of True Divinity, they can metamorphose their body three times! This was something that a senior accomplished in the holy war 3.6 billion years ago!

“Currently, I fall far short of that. But in the future, I too will step into such a boundary. I will leave behind the most wonderful legacy in the history of my clan!”

As Naqi spoke, he placed his long spear back into his spatial ring. Then, he extracted a massive heaven-sundering war halberd!

This halberd was 15 feet long; just the head of the halberd was four feet long! The giant halberd edge was cold and bright like a scythe. The shaft was as thick as an arm, and not even a grown man would be able to grasp it in one hand. The entire shaft was carved with images of all sorts of demons, savage and brutal.

But, this massive war halberd was actually perfect for Naqi’s giant body.

Lin Ming didn’t doubt that this halberd was forged with some type of special divine metal. Not only was it hard, but the weight itself could easily crush a mountain range. It was likely tens of millions of jins or even a hundred million jins!

It was hard to imagine just what might this halberd could display when used by Naqi, who had undergone his second metamorphosis.

As the surrounding human martial artists saw Naqi take out this giant war halberd, all of them looked at each other in utter dismay, shocked to the point of speechlessness.

They were all aware that the saints primarily cultivated body transformation, but as for what degree their body transformation technique had reached, no one knew. Now that they saw Naqi, they finally gained a profound understanding of this.

After the body transformation technique was cultivated to the peak, its might was beyond horrifying!

Facing such an enemy, just how would Lin Ming fight?

Naqi wildly laughed. After undergoing two body metamorphoses, even his personality had been influenced. He had become even more savage and arrogant!

“Lin Ming! I said that I will leave behind the most wonderful legacy in my clan! Now, let me start with you!”

Naqi roared out loud and dove towards Lin Ming. His wings spread out as his speed reached incomprehensible degrees! He was like a dragon, hurtling through the endless skies!

Hu - ! Hu - !

The two wings beat in the air, stirring up strong winds that swept up the surrounding sand. Naqi forcefully used the pressure of his flight to leave behind a giant pit in the ground!

That heaven-sundering war halberd came pounding down!

Lin Ming’s eyes widened as his entire body erupted with strength.

Grandmist space!

Hoh - !

The boundless aura of the grandmist space spread out. A strand of grandmist energy spun atop the war halberd. However, Naqi simply grinned, forcefully suppressing this grandmist energy as he struck down at Lin Ming!

“Haha! The Grandmist Heavenly Dao is wonderful, but your comprehension is too weak! Just what do you think a spider thread-thin strand of grandmist energy can do to me!? Now die!”

Within the grandmist space, Naqi’s speed hadn’t diminished at all. He continued rushing towards Lin Ming with his halberd!

In that moment, the space around Lin Ming came under a heavy pressure, nearly collapsing. He was placed in a cage, locked inside!

This was no longer just the Concept of Space, but Naqi also forcefully suppressing space with his powerful strength. Even with Lin Ming’s comprehensions of the Space and Time Laws, it was impossible for him to instantly break through these bindings!

If this halberd struck him, Lin Ming would find it nearly impossible to withstand it, even if he burst out with all of his strength. If there was an accident, he could be crushed to death!

As for Lin Ming using the Phoenix Blood Spear to block, it was simply impossible to block Naqi’s overwhelming momentum.

This was a critical moment!

In a thousandth of an instant in this life or death moment, a tiny blue spear rushed out from between Lin Ming’s eyebrows.

This blue spear split in two, half of it firing towards the war halberd and the other half firing towards Naqi’s forehead.

A terrifyingly exuberant aura emitted from this deep blue spear, similar to the aura of the grandmist space. This little blue spear was Lin Ming’s blue soul battle spirit!

When a battle spirit entered the blue soul realm, its strength would suddenly rise to another level, taking a huge leap upwards!

It had to be known that this step had stopped Lin Ming for a full 10 years!

Even Frost Dream, who studied the Divine Dream Law, had been extremely far from the blue soul battle spirit level in the past. Even the vast majority of peak Holy Lord powerhouses were stuck at this step, unable to make a breakthrough in their lives.

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