Chapter 1415 Fighting the Imperial Prince

Chapter 1415 – Fighting the Imperial Prince

Strong winds howled. Within the grim and desolate ruins atop Ash Blood Mountain, Naqi’s long hair chaotically whipped about, his clothes flapping around him.

His eyes were as sharp as lightning. His left hand was held behind his back and his right hand grasped a spear. The pitch black nine foot long spear slowly extended outwards as he pointed the tip towards the ground, a cold light sparkling atop it. As this image was joined together with his straight figure, Naqi was like a tall and steady pine tree.

Above the heavens, below the earth, only he was worthy!

Just this aura alone made one subconsciously fall into a submissive state of awe. Just by standing in front of him, one could feel a tremendous pressure, pushing them to the limit.

This was the aura of a future sovereign!

This aura was the superior momentum that Naqi had accumulated over an extremely long period of time. By constantly defeating geniuses at the same level, his confidence had risen again and again. When combined with his terrifying strength, this aura was the manifestation of his being!

“This Naqi is truly extraordinary!”

“There will inevitably be a role for him on the stage of the future great calamity. He might even become one of the leading main characters!”

Even though the human martial artists couldn’t bear Naqi and wanted to bite a chunk out of him, they couldn’t help but acknowledge just how horrifying he was.

This sort of person was a dragon in a pool. As the true war of the great calamity arrived, he would constantly change, evolving until he soared to the heavens.

Facing such a Naqi, Lin Ming’s complexion was cold. He held the Phoenix Blood Spear in one hand, extending it out. The 10 foot Phoenix Blood Spear looked as if it was cast in iron, immovable.

“How amusing!”

Naqi smiled. But suddenly, a cold light burst out from his eyes and the rocks beneath his feet exploded.


As the air trembled around him, Naqi made his move!

His speed reached an unimaginable level. The inky black spear was like a bolt of black lightning, thrusting torwards Lin Ming’s throat like a kiss from a death god!

This sudden attack had caught everyone unprepared. This attack had reached the extremes of speed and power; even a peak Divine Lord powerhouse would have been instantly defeated beneath this spear strike without any ability to resist.

In that moment, Lin Ming also moved. His sense locked onto Naqi’s body. From the very instant that astral essence erupted from Naqi’s body, Lin Ming had been prepared.

The Phoenix Blood Spear thrust out. The immense power of thunder and fire that had been saved within the Heretical God Tree burst out, fiercely colliding in the sky.


It was like bolts of divine thunder crashed into the ground. Countless crushed stones were raised up and then swept into the sky by a wild vortex of energy. The earth shivered and divine light spilled out in all directions. In the dark skies, a round sun seemed to appear.

Luckily, everyone was already prepared and wasn’t too close to the battlefield. The older martial artists had laid down protective enchantments in front of the juniors, but even then, those protective enchantments were wildly struck by the waves of energy, nearly exploding.

Hu - !

The blinding explosion of thunder and fire continued for several breaths of time before slowly fading away. The skies were filled with immense amounts of rock that had been reduced to sand by the horrifying energy. The rocky sand was lifted up into the skies by the wind, turning the entire Ash Blood Mountain battlefield into a dusky world.

“How terrifying!”

“To think this is a battle between a middle Divine Transformation youth and a late Saint Transformation youth. It’s hard to imagine this is possible… even a battle between Holy Lords can’t compare!”

“This Imperial Prince Naqi and Lin Ming are both geniuses born unto the world of the great calamity. One was born in the saints and one was born in humanity. In a hundred million years, their strength will reach levels that cannot be comprehended by common sense!”

“This will be a fight between dragons and tigers; just who will emerge victorious?”

The human martial artists were originally lacking in confidence, but as they saw Lin Ming’s aura rise like a beam of light, a faint spark of hope ignited in their hearts. If Lin Ming, as the second ranked martial artist of the human First Martial Meeting, could defeat the first place champion of the saint First Martial Meeting, then humanity would truly be lifted up in pride and happiness. Otherwise, they would be cast down. Everyone knew that although Lin Ming had come second, the truth was that he was nearly equal to Frost Dream. No one could tell who was weaker or stronger between the two.

If Lin Ming lost here, that would be equal to all the young elites of humanity losing!

“You can actually receive my probing strike so easily. You indeed possess the qualifications to be my opponent!” As Naqi spoke, his eyes sparkled.

The surrounding martial artists were left speechless. Such a sharp and vicious attack was only a probing strike – this was too ridiculous.

Naqi strode forwards, one step at a time. As he did, flames seemed to burn atop his body. These were not true flames. Rather, because the astral essence within his body was too powerful, it had reached the level of substantializing, thus it appeared as flames around him.

1000 feet, 900 feet, 800 feet…

Like this, Naqi approached Lin Ming, coming closer and closer. The saints’ body transformation excelled in close combat. As for the humans’ essence gathering, that excelled in long distance combat. In these past days, when human martial artists had fought in missions throughout the Bright Luster Great World, the most basic knowledge they learnt was that they could not allow the saints to approach them and engage in a brutal melee. Otherwise, in a situation where both sides had similar levels of strength, there was a 70% chance that they would die!

“Lin Ming, be careful!”

“Get away!”

Many martial artists anxiously cried out. But Lin Ming simply watched as Naqi approached, motionless.

“Oh? You’ve got guts! Could it be that you think your level of body transformation technique has reached a degree comparable to mine?”

As Naqi spoke, he was only 100 feet away from Lin Ming. For a peak master, this mere 100 feet wouldn’t even take a thousandth of a blink of an eye to cross. This was simply the same as no distance at all.

Ka ka ka!

All of the joints in Lin Ming’s body exploded with loud crackling sounds. He had opened the Eight Inner Hidden Gates to the limit. The strength that was hiding within him was like a volcano that could erupt at any moment!

“How interesting! Haha, then let me see just what worth your body transformation technique has!”

Naqi burst out with a horrendous roar as a blazing divine light covered his entire body. Strange runes began to appear all over his face. His hair grew longer and a pair of sharp fangs extended down from the corners of his mouth just like spikes. His elbows and knees lengthened, growing ferocious bone spikes all over, and gold scales emerged from his skin, covering his entire body.

Just 100 feet away from Lin Ming, Naqi completed his body metamorphosis!

Only a small number of people within the saint race possessed this transformation ability.

Although it couldn’t be said that every saint who could metamorphose their body was more powerful than those that couldn’t, the absolute fact was that the several peak members of the saint race all had this ability!

As Naqi transformed his body, a horrifying energy erupted. Even those human martial artists 10 miles away could feel this dark pressure, much less Lin Ming. If Lin Ming was a mere hundred feet away, the pressure he had to withstand could be imagined! If it were a normal martial artist in his shoes, they would fall to the floor trembling, losing all ability to fight!

Many saints fell to their knees, praying towards Imperial Prince Naqi. Although this was a strange sight to humans, something they couldn’t understand, for the saints this was actually a natural response originating from their inborn instincts. For a people that worshipped a powerful mortal body, this was the awe they felt from encountering such a magnificent specimen!

Naqi’s bloodline was one of the peak bloodlines of the saints. He was worthy of their worship!

Facing this Naqi, Lin Ming simply raised the Phoenix Blood Spear, his eyes as cold as ice.

“How brave! An essence gathering system martial artist is actually able to withstand my pressure at such a close distance! Then, let me see whether you are strong or just plain stupid!”

As Naqi laughed out loud, he grasped his long spear and smashed down at Lin Ming!

The might of this spear strike was titanic, as if a 100,000 foot high mountain had been dropped down from the clouds with infinite momentum! Even the void collapsed under this pressure. With the locking in of the surrounding space, no one within 100 feet could escape Naqi’s spear. As long as this spear came pounding down, even if Lin Ming had opened the complete Eight Inner Hidden Gates he would still be wounded to the brink of death!

Many martial artists cried out in fear, waiting to see Lin Ming be smashed to pieces by Naqi’s spear. But, Naqi’s movements suddenly stiffened, slowing down by a great deal.


In this moment, Naqi felt a vast and boundless aura cover the space within 100 feet. All space within this area became heavy, filled with an incomparably terrifying gravitational force, stifling his every motion. And, lingering atop his spear, a trace of gray energy wandered around. This gray energy was as thin as a strand of spider silk, but his spear actually wasn’t able to cut through it. It had caused his spear to slow down to half its speed!

What Lin Ming used was the grandmist space that contained grandmist energy!

True grandmist space was the fusion of the Heavenly Demon, Heavenly Mortal, and Heavenly God martial intents. Simultaneously, the grandmist space also contained true grandmist energy.

Grandmist energy was as heavy as a star. If these thin strands wove together, they formed a giant spider web, and any martial artist that fell into the grandmist space was like a fly caught in a web of grandmist energy, unable to struggle at all!

A single thin strand of grandmist energy was something that even a World King would find difficult to cut apart. If it were twisted into a web, the hardiness of that grandmist energy could be imagined!

Of course, Lin Ming had yet to reach this degree of proficiency. He had simply used the tiniest strand of grandmist energy, but this tiny strand had still caused a massive hindrance to Naqi’s movements.

In that moment when Naqi’s spear was shackled, Lin Ming also thrust out with his own!

The dazzling spear light reached the extreme. A strike that didn’t ask for force, only speed!

Lin Ming wanted to attack Naqi before he regrouped the astral essence he had used and pierce through his defenses!

Lin Ming could imagine that Naqi’s defensive capabilities were truly terrifying. If Naqi were to stimulate his defensive abilities to their limit then Lin Ming’s only ability that could harm him would be Heavenly Dao Judgment.

But, there was no time to use Heavenly Dao Judgment right now. What Lin Ming needed to do was take the initiative and pierce through Naqi’s body as the saint was attacking with all of his strength. Because of Naqi’s powerful mortal body, it was impossible to win with a single spear strike, but he would still be able to heavily wound him!

“Space and Time Laws!”

As the Phoenix Blood Spear thrust out, the surrounding flow of time slowed down. Only that red spear reached an extreme velocity.

With this extreme speed coupled with Lin Ming’s large success comprehensions of the Space and Time Laws, the potential of this strike was overwhelming!

However, just as his spear reached Naqi’s chest, the space around Naqi seemed to fall into a thick darkness. At the same time, time distorted and space drew back. An invisible strength came shrouding down and the slowed down flow of time around Naqi was reverted to normal.


Blood splashed out. Naqi retreated a single step back. Although this only seemed like a simple step backwards, the truth was that he had stepped back a thousand feet!

His hand held onto his bloody chest, blood flowing out from between his fingers. As he looked at Lin Ming, a look of astonishment crossed his face.

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