Chapter 1415 – Fighting the Imperial Prince

Chapter 1415 – Fighting the Imperial Prince

Strong winds howled. Within the grim and desolate ruins atop Ash Blood Mountain, Naqi’s long hair chaotically whipped about, his clothes flapping around him.

His eyes were as sharp as lightning. His left hand was held behind his back and his right hand grasped a spear. The pitch black nine foot long spear slowly extended outwards as he pointed the tip towards the ground, a cold light sparkling atop it. As this image was joined together with his straight figure, Naqi was like a tall and steady pine tree.

Above the heavens, below the earth, only he was worthy!

Just this aura alone made one subconsciously fall into a submissive state of awe. Just by standing in front of him, one could feel a tremendous pressure, pushing them to the limit.

This was the aura of a future sovereign!

This aura was the superior momentum that Naqi had accumulated over an extremely long period of time. By constantly defeating geniuses at the same level, his confidence had risen again and again. When combined with his terrifying strength, this aura was the manifestation of his being!

“This Naqi is truly extraordinary!”

“There will inevitably be a role for him on the stage of the future great calamity. He might even become...

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