Chapter 1414 – Challenging the Imperial Prince

Chapter 1414 – Challenging the Imperial Prince

The appearance of this youth immediately attracted the eyes of everyone present.

As the saint martial artists saw this person, all of them began to rise up in excitement.

“Imperial Prince Naqi!”

“It really is the Imperial Prince!”

The saint race was an extremely hierarchical society. Superior martial artists enjoyed endless worship and even a certain faith from their race, and top geniuses were able to enjoy an extraordinary status!

Moreover, this title of Imperial Prince was personally bestowed by the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign; it held amazing significance.

Among the younger generation, Naqi’s status was only inferior to the Good Fortune Saint Son’s. Both of them were peak geniuses born unto these prosperous times of the saints, and both of them had tremendous chances of becoming a True Divinity in the future.

At that time, even if Naqi couldn’t become the Saint Sovereign of the saint race, he could still become the Second Sovereign. This level of status wasn’t much worse than the Good Fortune Saint So...

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