Chapter 1413 Horrifying Weight

Chapter 1413 – Horrifying Weight

As the human and saint martial artists saw Lin Ming and Blacksalt about to start a brutal battle, they both began to crazily shout out.

“Blacksalt! Tear that brat to shreds!”

“Kill him! Ruin him!”

Blacksalt was a top ranked core disciple of a True Divinity Holy Land. His reputation was extremely high.

“Lin Ming, your human body transformation technique simply isn’t a top body transformation technique. It is something that belongs to the dregs of the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens. Let me show you what the true difference is between our body transformation techniques!”

The Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens were divided into three great categories of essence, energy, and divine. Each category was divided into 11 variations.

Solely the body transformation technique had 11 different methods to practice it. There were those that suited humanity, saints, and there were some variations that suited the monsters and spiritas.

In Blacksalt’s opinion, only the saints’ body transformation technique had the greatest foundation and was also the strongest variation of the body transformation technique.

Blacksalt roared out and wildly hurtled towards Lin Ming! He understood that Lin Ming was extremely strong, but he still had absolute confidence in himself. He wanted to use this battle to become renowned through the universe! If he could challenge the entire human race without being defeated, then he would be a hero of the saints and obtain enormous rewards. Moreover, the more battles he won, the more confidence he would gain and the greater help this would be to his future growth.

Facing Blacksalt’s menacing charge, Lin Ming’s eyes flashed with a vicious light. He grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear and opened all of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates!

With a loud explosive sound, a terrifying shockwave erupted from Lin Ming. The rocks beneath his feet began to crack apart like an expanding spider web!

Lin Ming’s body transformation technique had already touched upon the threshold of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. In addition, when Lin Ming had entered Primordius Heavenly Palace, he had directed grandmist energy to enter his body. Using the grandmist energy that was as heavy as a star, he had tempered his own skeleton and muscles, withstanding pain that an ordinary man would not be able to bear.

Empyrean Primordius had sealed a massive amount of grandmist energy within the Primordius Gate. That was no longer elementary grandmist energy, but true grandmist energy!

The intensity of Lin Ming’s mortal body had reached unbelievable degrees.

Without using any true essence, without using any Laws, and by only relying on the mortal strength of his body as well as his astral essence, he welcomed the rampaging Blacksalt!

“Eight Inner Hidden Gates – Hundred Layered Waves!”

Lin Ming shouted out loud, pouring all of his strength into the Phoenix Blood Spear. Lin Ming’s strength had nearly reached a billion jins. Now, as he used the Hundred Layered Waves, it was like an infinitely high tide, smashing through the world!

“Mm!? Lin Ming wants to use his body transformation technique to deal with Blacksalt?”

“The body transformation technique isn’t a domain that humans excel in. Even if Lin Ming dual cultivates in body and energy, his methods aren’t extraordinary. What he excels in the most is the essence gathering system!”

The human martial artists cried out in alarm. As for the saint race martial artists, they repeatedly jeered out loud, waiting for Lin Ming to be sent flying back by Blacksalt.

“You are seeking death!”

Blacksalt roared out and three bone spikes on his back stabbed forwards like a sharp trident. With the support of his bodily strength, astral essence exploded outwards!

In that moment, Lin Ming instantly struck out with a hundred spears. These hundred spears fused together as one, violently crashing into Blacksalt.


A terrifying explosion followed as massive chunks of rock burst into powder. Lin Ming was sent flying backwards and Blacksalt’s form shook. Blacksalt’s barrier of astral essence had shattered, but because of his powerful mortal body, those shockwaves of spear light had been completely withstood by him without any injuries at all.

As for Lin Ming, he was sent flying hundreds of feet backwards by Blacksalt. Although he wasn’t injured, it was still Blacksalt who gained the advantage in this collision.

Even so, Blacksalt couldn’t accept this result. This was because Lin Ming hadn’t used any true essence at all!

“This boy, how could his body transformation technique be so fierce? Then just what degree has his essence gathering system reached?”

“Blacksalt, ruin that boy, wreck him into pieces!” The surrounding saints began to wildly shout out. Blacksalt sending Lin Ming flying back in that strike just now had caused their morale to rapidly rise, shaking like an earthquake.


Blacksalt’s body rushed out once more. On his claws, a divine fire seemed to burn. As he slashed out with his claws, the void seemed to shake. It was hard to imagine how powerful this attack was.

Lin Ming flourished the Phoenix Blood Spear, watching Blacksalt hurtle towards him. When he had used the Celestial Tyrant Manual’s Hundred Layered Waves just now to attack Blacksalt, the result was that he hadn’t been able to take the advantage. Blacksalt was a martial artist that specialized in the body transformation technique. If Lin Ming had defeated him there, then his many years of cultivating the body transformation technique would have been nothing but a waste.

However, Lin Ming’s body transformation technique wasn’t as simple as just the Eight Inner Hidden Gates!

“Emerge, grandmist energy!”

A keen light flashed in Lin Ming’s eyes. A wisp of grandmist energy left his inner world, covering Lin Ming’s arms and the Phoenix Blood Spear.

A little bit of grandmist energy was as heavy as a star. With a wisp of grandmist energy attached to Lin Ming’s spear, a single strike was like wielding a thousand mile mountain range!

“You boast that your body transformation is unrivalled, but let me see whether you can withstand the weight of my spear!”

Lin Ming opened the Eight Inner Hidden Gates once more. The Phoenix Blood Spear swept out, crashing down like a blood red divine mountain range!

Blacksalt’s claws smashed together with Lin Ming’s Phoenix Blood Spear.


With a deafening explosion, Blacksalt’s body shook. His protective astral essence shattered beneath the Phoenix Blood Spear as if it were nothing but glass!


Blacksalt was aghast. He knew how durable his protective astral essence was, and yet it had been so easily broken by Lin Ming’s casual spear strike!?

At this time, Lin Ming’s second spear strike came crashing down.

Blacksalt’s complexion changed. He wanted to avoid it, but at this moment a boundless and ancient power enveloped him, surrounding the entire void within a range of a thousand feet. Blacksalt’s movements immediately slowed!

Grandmist space!

“This is bad!”

The speed that Blacksalt was so proud of was bound by the grandmist space. He grit his teeth, erupting his astral essence to the limit as he used the spikes on his back to resist Lin Ming’s attack.

Lin Ming sneered and brought his two arms crashing down. The Phoenix Blood Spear smashed into Blacksalt’s back. This strike directly broke through Blacksalt’s three bone spikes and the Phoenix Blood Spear continued unabated, pounding into him and causing his back to burst apart in a bloody mess before he was sent flying away!

Blacksalt miserably screamed out. He plummeted downwards like a meteor.


With a ringing sound, Blacksalt crashed into the ground, sending countless chunks of rock flying up. He was like a comet that crashed into the earth!


This sudden turn in the tables had surpassed everyone’s expectations. The saint race martial artists all cried out in horror. At this time, Blacksalt emerged from the rubble. The saint race martial artists had an incomparably horrifying defensive power. Even though Blacksalt had received such heavy wounds, he was still able to forcefully bear it.

Blacksalt’s body was covered in blood. His skin and flesh had cracked open. As he looked up to the sky, he found that Lin Ming had disappeared.

Before he could respond, an extremely dreadful weight pressed down on his back.

This strength was as heavy as 10 million mountains. Not even Blacksalt could withstand it.

He miserably coughed, his four limbs shaking.


Blacksalt’s eyes turned blood red. Lin Ming was clearly riding atop Blacksalt’s back. The current metamorphosed Blacksalt was similar in shape to a large tiger. As Lin Ming rode atop his back, it was similar to a man riding his mount.

To Blacksalt this was the ultimate humiliation. As a proud martial artist of the saints, just how arrogant was he? How could he allow a human to ride atop his back?

Blacksalt angrily roared out. He wanted to jump up and throw off Lin Ming, but at this time, Lin Ming fused his grandmist energy onto the Phoenix Blood Spear and brought it pounding down!


The Phoenix Blood Spear’s shaft solidly smacked onto Blacksalt’s back. Blacksalt’s ruined back exploded once more. With the terrifying weight still pressing down on him, his body shook and he spat out a mouthful of blood. His knees weakened and he was forced to the ground.

Rocks constantly crumbled beneath them. Underneath this weight, Blacksalt was forced to the ground!

“This… what is going on here?”

“He’s riding on Blacksalt’s back! Some terrifying weight has forced Blacksalt to his knees. It’s impossible for him to do anything, let alone throw off Lin Ming!”

The situation had rapidly reversed. At the start, Blacksalt had won a minor advantage when he sent Lin Ming flying back a few hundred feet. But after that, it was Lin Ming who had beaten down Blacksalt!

Lin Ming grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear and pointed it at Blacksalt’s back. If it weren’t for the barrier of grandmist space, Blacksalt would have already been buried in the ground. Now, he was unable to stand up no matter how much he wanted to. He vomited out great gulps of blood, dying the earth red.

With a human standing on his back and forcing him down with his spear, Blacksalt found this humiliation unbearable. He struggled as hard as he could, but no matter how much he tried, nothing worked.

“Damn! Damn it all!”

Blacksalt had never felt so helpless in his life. He had always been proud of his mortal body, but this current feeling was like squatting on the ground with someone pushing him down with just a single finger, making him unable to stand up.

Many saint martial artists were bewildered. None of them understood just what sort of mysteries were on Lin Ming’s Phoenix Blood Spear and why Blacksalt was pressed down so hard that he couldn’t stand up.

The human martial artists were also confused. But, this didn’t stop them from cheering for Lin Ming. Ever since the great calamity began and the saint race had invaded, the human race had suffered one defeat after another!

The only incident that was able to show the strength of humanity had been the negotiations of Mount Potala and Empyrean Divine Dream completely refusing all of the saint race’s treaty conditions. At the same time, Lin Ming had also jumped a boundary and a half to challenge the Good Fortune Saint Son to a life or death battle in a hundred years. However, when this matter was put in pleasant terms then Lin Ming had courage to face this challenge. But, if it was put in coarser terms then Lin Ming was simply a fool who had bitten off more than he could chew.

In these past days, the humans had been oppressed and mocked by the saints again and again. They desperately needed a victory to boost their morale and confidence!

“Lin Ming! Lin Ming!”

“Make him so that he can’t step ever again!”

The human martial artists all shouted out, releasing all the pressure in their hearts.

And at this time, an indifferent voice sounded out.


This voice seemed to come from the icy cold nine nether abyss, causing the heated battlefield audience to quiet down.

The young human elites felt their hearts skip a beat as a chill filled the air.

Lin Ming’s mind stirred. He received the Phoenix Blood Spear and looked up at the void.

There, space distorted and a thin, white-clothed youth appeared. His face wasn’t too handsome, but his aura was swift and fierce. He was pale like jade and his eyes were sharp. His entire body exuded an evil atmosphere.

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