Chapter 1412 Fight

Chapter 1412 – Fight

The hundreds of thousands of feet high Ash Blood Mountain was now in a state of chaos.

At the base of the mountain, the human martial artists had established some scattered dwellings. Over the past few days, Blacksalt’s challenge against all young human elites had spread out, arousing heated discussions.

Even the other worlds outside the Bright Luster Great World had heard this. All of the young human elites became incensed.

It had to be known that Blacksalt was not the first place champion of the saints’ First Martial Meeting, but only placed in fifth. If a fifth ranked martial artist could stomp over all of humanity in such a cruel and savage manner, then what face did humanity still have?

If the human geniuses were all defeated, this was equal to proving that humans were inferior to saints. In this great calamity, they wouldn’t be able to play any role at all!

In the Bright Luster Great World, there were constantly nearby human martial artists catching up from all directions, gathering here. The saints were also the same. More and more saint martial artists arrived, wanting to see the proud and tall figure of Blacksalt as he laid forth his challenge atop Ash Blood Mountain. They all became increasingly excited, sending out constant cheers!

“It’s been three days already.”

In an open glade at the base of Ash Blood Mountain, seven or eight human martial artists were gathered together, drinking wine.

“Things are such a depressing mess right now that people are blocking the doorways shouting. Unless Lin Ming or Frost Dream take action, no one will be able to defeat Blacksalt. They should both be aware of such a gigantic matter already, and if they know but still don’t come, then the morale of humanity will fall to the pits.”

“It’s useless if Lin Ming comes. Even if Lin Ming defeats Blacksalt, the saint race still has stronger elites behind him, such as Imperial Prince Naqi. If Lin Ming were to face Imperial Prince Naqi…”

As the martial artist spoke to here, he quieted down. The third ranked human junior Hang Chi had fought against the fifth ranked saint junior Blacksalt but still hadn’t been able to win. Following that logic, then if the second ranked human Lin Ming were to fight the first ranked saint Naqi, the chances of winning were nearly nonexistent!

If Lin Ming came, he might be beaten to a pulp.

And if Lin Ming were to lose, then the hopes that humanity held in him would truly be dimmed.

As several martial artists were discussing, no one noticed that not too far away from them, a black-clothed youth with a bamboo hat was standing there. His arms were held near his chest, embracing a long spear. He casually leaned back against a large tree, seeming to melt into his surrounding environment so that no one could feel him.

This black-clothed youth was Lin Ming, who had finally caught up to the Chaotic Blood Continent.

“I never thought that so many things would happen in just a few days. It seems Hang Chi lost…”

Lin Ming stood up and began walking towards the distant ruins atop Ash Blood Mountain.

As he moved he rustled the grass beneath his feet. It was only then that the several drinking human martial artists noticed Lin Ming.

As they turned towards him, they could only see his fading back.

“That person… when did he arrive here?”



With a loud explosive ringing sound, a massive rock was crushed. A tall and brawny-looking human youth grasped a broadsword as he stepped onto the battlefield.

“Blacksalt, I’ll challenge you!”

“You?” Blacksalt sneered. “It seems that any dog or cat will crawl up here. You are not worthy!”

“What did you say!?” The brawny youth grimaced. He was not some nobody of his generation, but someone who had once also entered the finals of the human First Martial Meeting. It was hopeless for him to try to defeat Blacksalt, but his only desire was to leave some mark on Blacksalt’s body or chop down on him.

“Luqi, go and fight him.” Blacksalt said to a red-clothed woman.

In these past days, many young elites of the saint race also gathered here. This red-clothed woman was someone that had ranked 29th in the saints’ First Martial Meeting; her strength was no joke. She was even stronger than Hua Xuan, who had also reached the finals of the human First Martial Meeting and was in the upper echelons of Empyrean descendants.

The red-clothed woman jumped upwards. Without giving that brawny youth a chance to speak, the full moon sickle in her hands cut down at his neck.

The saint race martial artists focused on cultivating their mortal bodies. Many of them were like Blacksalt with a defensive ability that had reached the limit. But now, this red-clothed woman in front of them was actually the opposite. Her mortal body was extremely soft and flexible, like a piece of moldable dough.

The brawny youth had never encountered such an opponent before and was immediately struck into a disadvantage. In just a few moves, he was defeated. This was simply the massive gulf of strength that existed between them. On one side was an upper level Empyrean descendant, and on the other side was someone who just managed to reach the human First Martial Meeting finals.

“Too weak! It’s fine if Lin Ming and Frost Dream don’t come, but are the other top ten ranked youths of humanity also dead?” Luqi sneered. She turned and panned her eyes over the audience, arrogantly saying, “So who’s next?”

Her voice was loud and clear.

In these three days, very few human martial artists went up on stage to fight. Those that were a little stronger found it impossible to defeat Blacksalt, and those that were a bit weaker were directly defeated by Blacksalt’s followers.

There were not many people that were willing to step on stage to fight if they knew the only result that awaited them was death.

The red-clothed woman was only casually mocking the humans and didn’t expect that anyone would actually come up. But, she never imagined that after that brawny youth had been beaten into a near death state and had to be carried away, there would actually be someone else that came on stage.

This person wore black clothes and carried a spear. His figure was slim and straight, as if he himself were a long spear, giving off a sharp and arrogant feeling.

The red-clothed woman chuckled. “To think there really is someone that wants to die. Since that’s the case, then let me help you along!”

The red-clothed woman raised her sickle blade and slashed down!

But as she slashed out with her sickle, not too far behind her, Blacksalt actually frowned. He didn’t know why, but this black-clothed man was emitting an extremely dangerous feeling, setting off all his alarms…

This person is…

Blacksalt had grown up in wild and dangerous jungles since childhood. He could metamorphosize into a beast and he also had the natural intuition of a beast. Even though this black-clothed youth was casually standing there, not seeming special at all, Blacksalt could actually feel a terrifying aura exuding from his body.


Blacksalt wanted to warn her, but at this moment the black-clothed youth moved. His figure accelerated to extreme velocities and the red spear in his hands thrust out!

Atop the spearpoint, the power of thunder and fire wove together, sending out a brilliant divine light!

With a thrust of this spear, the void collapsed, thunder and fire howled, and a flaming spear light hurtled forth like a red and purple flood dragon, roaring into the heavens!


With a loud banging sound, a coruscating light burst out, blinding to the eyes. Luqi cried out miserably as all her protective astral essence exploded to pieces. She spat out a mouthful of blood and was sent tumbling a thousand feet away.

Blacksalt’s figure flashed and he instantly appeared in the skies and caught Luqi. He immediately turned his head to look at the black-clothed youth, his eyes cold.

This sudden change caught everyone by surprise. Whether it was humans or saints, none of them could respond. No one expected for this sudden reversal to occur. This red-clothed woman was an upper Empyrean descendant, but she had been instantly defeated. This disparity was not tiny at all!

If someone could achieve this point, that person could only be a top six character of the human First Martial Meeting!

In other words, this youth on stage was someone that was in the top six of the human First Martial Meeting, moreover, his weapon was a spear. If so, the identity of this person was already renowned!

“You are Lin Ming!?”

Blacksalt’s pupils shrank as he suddenly realized Lin Ming’s status.

“Yes I am. Weren’t you looking for me?”

Lin Ming took off his bamboo hat and faintly smiled. After nearly four years of closed door seclusion, this was his first fight. His entire body was filled with a backed up strength that he was aching to release.

“Lin Ming!? You’re really Lin Ming!?”

Out of the human martial artists present, only a small number of them had seen Lin Ming before. But after seeing him, their expressions immediately turned to those of heated excitement.

Now that the saint race’s Blacksalt had defeated Hang Chi, the only juniors of the human race that were able to contend with him were Lin Ming and Frost Dream.

Blacksalt’s braying had continued for far too long. The humans present wished that they could rush up to him and bite out a chunk of his body. Now that someone finally stood up and was willing to fight him, how could the young elites of humanity not be excited?

The mentality of martial artists was a hundred times more powerful than mortals’. They could withstand tremendous physical pain, they could withstand cultivating in loneliness, and they could even withstand the multi-faction plotting that occurred in mystic realms. But, when it came to defending the glory and dignity of their own race, their strength was far from what was imagined.

After being suppressed for so long, even they were feeling uncomfortable.

As for Lin Ming, he was a legend in the eyes of many young human elites. Most of them already knew Lin Ming’s story, that he had ascended from the lower realms, a martial artist of common stock. For him to arrive at this level was already a miracle of miracles.

Now, Lin Ming had stood up to face the saints. From here on, his legend would either end or rise to even greater heights!

As for which possibility would happen, no one could predict it.

Many people believed that it shouldn’t be difficult for Lin Ming to defeat Blacksalt. After all, he was the second ranked martial artist from the human First Martial Meeting. If he couldn’t defeat the fifth ranked martial artist of the saint First Martial Meeting, then humanity truly would have lost. Thus, Lin Ming not only would win this battle, he had to win this battle.

But after Blacksalt lost, who else would enter the stage then? If it was Imperial Prince Naqi, could Lin Ming still win?

Ever since the battle atop Ash Blood Mountain had begun, Naqi had yet to make a public appearance. His name gave off a pervading sense of fear in the minds of the young human elites; this mysterious and powerful character gave off far too great a pressure.

Blacksalt flew down from the skies. After setting down Luqi, he stepped in front of Lin Ming.

As he looked at Lin Ming, a cruel and happy smile crossed his face.

“You actually dared to come! You human martial artists are actually quite brave. In these days, there have been several people that still came on stage to be abused, even though they knew they would lose!”

“From your words, do you think the likes of you can abuse me?” Lin Ming slowly turned his spearpoint towards Blacksalt.

“Heh, I may not be able to ruin you, but the person who can is already nearby. As for me, even I can peel off your skin. It’s still unknown just who will win this battle!”

As Blacksalt spoke, the muscles all over his body emitted explosive crackling sounds. His aura rapidly climbed upwards as he grew larger and taller. Horrifying bone spikes grew out from his back and a thick tail extended down to the floor.

Pa pa!

With a random swing of that tail, the stone of Ash Blood Mountain that was as hard as divine iron was instantly turned to powder.

Facing Lin Ming, Blacksalt wasn’t arrogant anymore. He immediately used his body metamorphosis from the beginning.

Lin Ming had some understandings of the saint race. Although he knew they had the ability to undergo body metamorphosis, this was the first time he had seen it.

“Let me warn you, when I metamorphosize my body, my strength and speed will increase by three times. I heard that you also study the body transformation technique. Now, allow me to let you experience just what the true power of body transformation is like!”

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