Chapter 1412 – Fight

Chapter 1412 – Fight

The hundreds of thousands of feet high Ash Blood Mountain was now in a state of chaos.

At the base of the mountain, the human martial artists had established some scattered dwellings. Over the past few days, Blacksalt’s challenge against all young human elites had spread out, arousing heated discussions.

Even the other worlds outside the Bright Luster Great World had heard this. All of the young human elites became incensed.

It had to be known that Blacksalt was not the first place champion of the saints’ First Martial Meeting, but only placed in fifth. If a fifth ranked martial artist could stomp over all of humanity in such a cruel and savage manner, then what face did humanity still have?

If the human geniuses were all defeated, this was equal to proving that humans were inferior to saints. In this great calamity, they wouldn’t be able to play any role at all!

In the Bright Luster Great World, there were constantly nearby human martial artists catching up from all directions, gathering here. The saints were also the same. More and more saint martial artists arrived, wanting to see the proud and tall figure of Blacksalt as he laid forth his challenge atop Ash Blood Mountain. They all became increasingly excited, sending out...

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