Chapter 1410 – Attack and Defend

Chapter 1410 – Attack and Defend


Blacksalt’s sword smashed atop Hang Chi’s Wheel of Samsara. With a terrifying ringing sound, the Wheel of Samsara violently shook and a crack snaked across its golden surface.

What an absolutely horrifying strength!

“Fires of darkness, shatter!”

At this time, Witchplume’s two wings slashed out and the Dark Golden Crow behind her also rushed forth, the black flames around it turning into a pitch black sea!

Hu – hu – hu –

Flames roiled. At that moment, the Wheel of Samsara seemed to melt. Hang Chi’s forehead began to seep with sweat as his face paled. How could he withstand the attacks of two people by himself?

“All Existence to Void!”

Dragon Fang suddenly opened one of the variation states of the Three Lives Pupils. Nine years ago, Dragon Fang had only been able to use All Existence to Void for a short period of time, but now he was able to freely wield it.

All Existence to Void was an eye technique able to see through all Laws in the world. Before the Three Lives Pupils, all Concepts were seen through!

“The power of space, the power of time, gather unto me!”

Dragon Fang’s raised his hands and energy erupted from his body. From all around him, the power of space and the power of time began to wildly rush towards...

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