Chapter 141 - Extreme Speed

Chapter 141 Extreme Speed.

Chapter 141 – Extreme Speed

The Penetrating Rainbow spear that was bent into a half arc flexed back to its original shape. The peak Bone Forging black armored martial artist was sent flying backwards by Lin Ming.

In contrast, Lin Ming had not even taken half a step back!

In normal times, Lin Ming would lunge forwards and stab out his spear with his formidable momentum. Even if his spear could not directly kill the enemy, it would still leave a serious wound.

But now, if Lin Ming just wanted to rush forward, two vicious beasts equivalent to the early Bone Forging stage would immediately be at his right and left, trying to bowl him over and kill him.


Lin Ming cried out, and the Penetrating Rainbow spear fiercely swept outwards. The spear point was filled with true essence as it swept out, and these two vicious beasts’ heads immediately shook with a intense vibrating true essence and then exploded. The two vicious beasts’ heads were like watermelons that burst apart!

Poof! Poof! The two headless corpses fell to the ground, blood erupting like a gushing fountain from their bodies.

Thanks to the vicious beasts delaying for time, the peak Bone Forging martial artist that had been sent flying backwards by Lin Ming was able to recover his breath. He supported himself with his staff, and with the aid of the staff’s elasticity, he shot forwards. Both hands grasped the staff and directly pounded down at Lin Ming!


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