Chapter 1409 – The Chaotic Blood War

Chapter 1409 – The Chaotic Blood War

This battlefield on Chaotic Blood Continent was called Ash Blood Mountain. This was once an ancient battlefield where countless martial artists perished and continued to die.

On Ash Blood Mountain’s sheared off mountaintop, there were currently tens of thousands of people.

These tens of thousands of people were all the most extraordinary of youths, the elites among the elite geniuses. They either had astonishing backgrounds, were extremely strong, or had accomplished remarkable feats and obtained enough merit points, otherwise they wouldn’t have the qualifications to come and watch the battle here. After all, the space was extremely limited atop Ash Blood Mountain.

Walking atop Ash Blood Mountain, one could see young elites of World King Holy Lands everywhere. Even Empyrean descendants weren’t uncommon.

These people were often 50 or 60 years old, but their cultivation had stepped into the Divine Transformation realm and was making great progress towards the Divine Lord realm. If they were just a bit older then they might have broken through to the Divine Lord boundary and would have been outstanding characters amongst all Divine Lords, even possessing the ability to fight with ordinary Holy Lords. In the Divine Lord realm, they would have already been considered amongst the highest...

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