Chapter 1409 The Chaotic Blood War

Chapter 1409 – The Chaotic Blood War

This battlefield on Chaotic Blood Continent was called Ash Blood Mountain. This was once an ancient battlefield where countless martial artists perished and continued to die.

On Ash Blood Mountain’s sheared off mountaintop, there were currently tens of thousands of people.

These tens of thousands of people were all the most extraordinary of youths, the elites among the elite geniuses. They either had astonishing backgrounds, were extremely strong, or had accomplished remarkable feats and obtained enough merit points, otherwise they wouldn’t have the qualifications to come and watch the battle here. After all, the space was extremely limited atop Ash Blood Mountain.

Walking atop Ash Blood Mountain, one could see young elites of World King Holy Lands everywhere. Even Empyrean descendants weren’t uncommon.

These people were often 50 or 60 years old, but their cultivation had stepped into the Divine Transformation realm and was making great progress towards the Divine Lord realm. If they were just a bit older then they might have broken through to the Divine Lord boundary and would have been outstanding characters amongst all Divine Lords, even possessing the ability to fight with ordinary Holy Lords. In the Divine Lord realm, they would have already been considered amongst the highest peaks with rarely a rival to challenge them.

“Hang Chi has arrived!”

“It’s really Hang Chi!”

Everyone turned to see a bald monk youth in white linen robes treading forwards on the wind. His expression was calm and indifferent as he held a string of prayer beads in his hand. Even though he knew he was going to experience a frigid and dangerous battle today, he still calmly arrived here.

“Hang Chi comes from Mount Potala, so his natural character is to not raise disputes with other. I never imagined that he would be forced to participate in this duel today.”

“Yes, according to the temperament of Mount Potala’s high monks, they wouldn’t normally participate in such duels. But, this is something that involves the glory of humanity, and the Buddhist path is also humanity’s Buddhist path. What the saints follow is the demonic path, and if Buddhism was to ever come into conflict with demonic beings, they would never give way! Moreover, this duel was first provoked by the saints. If no one were to come, then my human race would truly have no one!”

The battle of Chaotic Blood Continent had been started by the fifth ranked martial artist of the saint race’s First Martial Meeting, Blacksalt.

Blacksalt followed Imperial Prince Naqi about, causing a wave of slaughter and terror all over the Bright Luster Great World. After his reputation shot up, he challenged Lin Ming.

This was because Blacksalt couldn’t stand the fact that Lin Ming had challenged the Good Fortune Saint Son. In his opinion, for Lin Ming to challenge the Good Fortune Saint Son was the same as insulting him.

But afterwards, Lin Ming simply didn’t enter the Bright Luster Great World. Thus, even though Blacksalt had sent out a challenge, Lin Ming was naturally unable to accept it. Because of this, Blacksalt became increasingly rampant and reckless, shouting out to all that Lin Ming was a little scared cat who didn’t have the courage to receive his challenge.

In order to not disgrace the dignity of humanity, Dragon Fang and Hang Chi had received this challenge.

After Hang Chi arrived, a black-clothed youth with a long sword hanging over his shoulder followed him. This young man was Dragon Fang.

After a nine year absence, Dragon Fang had become even deeper and more restrained. He was like a treasure sword hidden in a chest. Although his sharp edge wasn’t obvious, once he was drawn out, his blade could instantly take another’s life.

“I heard that Dragon Fang was at the Asura Road for the last nine years.”

“I have no idea what sort of place that is. I’ve only heard that entering that land is to lay at death’s door with nine chances of death and one chance of survival. If you want to continue living there, you not only need strength but also a sufficient destiny. It seems Dragon Fang was truly able to survive in that cursed land.”

“He has become even stronger. For a great worldly genius like Dragon Fang, he will not perish unless there is some great cataclysmic accident. Even if he went to the Asura Road, his destiny probably rose to greater heights. He might even go once again.”

The geniuses of the Divine Realm simply didn’t know what sort of place the Asura Road was exactly. There were just far too many secrets in this universe. These secrets had formed throughout history for various reasons, and some could even be traced back to the previous great calamity.

“Hehe, Lin Ming still hasn’t come.” The skinny and tall youth named Blacksalt carried a heavy sword on his shoulders. His mouth curved up in a disdainful grin. His heavy sword was as long as a person and it seemed particularly glaring when compared to his thin frame.

“That little turtle Lin Ming, is he afraid to come and lose here? Sooner or later I'll beat him up and cripple him. I’ll show him just what worth he has and why he isn’t worthy of fighting Senior-apprentice Brother Saint Son.”

As Blacksalt spoke, a cracking sound filled the air. The heavy sword hanging off his shoulder had been flung downwards and the thick blade sliced through the stone of Ash Blood Mountain, creating an opening dozens of feet long. Underneath his sword, even the terrain of Ash Blood Mountain, which was known for its durability, was as frail as tofu.

“To fight you, we are more than enough.” Dragon Fang’s eyes shined with a sharp light, his vision like vorpal blades.

As for Hang Chi, he quietly took out a long staff from his spatial ring. This staff was nine foot long, simple and humble. The wood had its natural patterned texture. It formed an extremely sharp contrast to Blacksalt’s heavy sword.

“Do you really think you are so amazing? If the top 10 martial artists of your human First Martial Meeting were to participate in our saints’ First Martial Meeting, the lot of you wouldn’t even rank in the top 20! Today, I will show you just how great the difference between us is! So which one of you two wants to fight first?”

Dragon Fang stepped forwards. He pulled forth his Dragon Fang Blade and pointed it straight at Blacksalt.

Blacksalt sneered, wanting to attack, but he was suddenly stopped by a woman beside him. “Blacksalt, these are just two minor players of the human race. Let’s save time and have the four of us all fight together!”

The woman who spoke was tall and wore a robe of feathers. Her name was Witchplume. She was the sixth ranked martial artist of the saints’ First Martial Meeting. Although her ranking was a bit worse than Blacksalt’s, their strength was nearly the same.

“Fight together, a group battle?”

The audience looked at each other. In a duel between geniuses, it was often one against one. A four man group battle was extremely rare.

But to the saints, this type of fighting style was extremely common. The saints were a highly cooperative race, like a group of wolves in the field, hunting together.

Sometimes, many influences within the saint race would especially train their young elites in fighting with a chaotic group melee.

“That’s also good!” Blacksalt chuckled, not caring about which way he fought.

Hang Chi and Dragon Fang glanced at each other, silently agreeing to this form of combat. Although the two of them had never fought together, if they did, the effect would be extremely strong. Hang Chi’s Wheel of Samsara excelled in defense and Dragon Fang excelled in offense.

With a union of offense and defense, their combined combat strength wouldn’t be as simple as one plus one equals two.

Not too far from the battlefield, a saint youth floated high in the skies, his form blurred in the void around him. Martial artists at the Divine Lord realm and below simply couldn’t sense him.

Even peak Divine Lord masters were barely able to feel his existence.

This youth was Imperial Prince Naqi.

He simply didn’t want to appear in the crowd. This was an arrogance that stemmed from the depths of his bones. To him, those inferior human martial artists simply weren’t entitled to see him at all, like a god that never appeared amongst ordinary mortals.

“That Witchplume, she really doesn’t plan on showing any mercy to the humans. In terms of group combat, my race excels in that aspect and can display 120% of their strength.”

Imperial Prince Naqi thought out loud, a smile appearing on his lips. He originally thought this battle would be easily won, and now it was even more so.

And on the battlefield, the fight had already begun!

Behind Hang Chi, the phantom of a golden Buddha had appeared. This golden Buddha sealed up all space for a thousand feet outwards. As for Dragon Fang, his two pupils had become as sharp as needle tips, completely locking onto Witchplume and Blacksalt.

In Dragon Fang’s vision, black flames had already began to burn around Witchplume, and behind her was a black firebird that was wantonly soaring about.

“Monster race? No… that is a hybrid of the saints and monsters!”

At this moment, Dragon Fang could clearly feel the aura of the monster race from Witchplume and he could even feel her boiling monster blood.

“Oh? Your eye technique is quite interesting. Can you see through my bloodline? That’s right, my mother is a Dark Golden Crow from the monster race. My Saint Convocation Heaven also has the monster race, and our monster race is far more glorious and wondrous than your Divine Realm’s monster race! But, even with a massive population to support them, for a top monster and saint to join together and give birth to a hybrid descendant, that is a miracle that can only occur once in 5 million years!”

Witchplume arrogantly bragged. Her body flowed with the bloodline of the monster race and the saint race. Since she possessed the advantages of both races, she was certainly arrogant.

As she spoke, there was a light tearing sound as the clothes on her back were ripped apart, revealing the slender curve of her back. There was nothing left to guard her but a tiny piece of flexible armor that wrapped around her front, highlighting her figure. Her beautiful womanly form was exposed to the world, enchanting and dazzling to the eyes.

Then, the flesh on her back began to twist and deform. With a crackling sound, a pair of ten foot long black wings unfolded from her back.

Hu - !

Brilliant black flames blazed on her wings. This was clearly the combination of the Fire Laws and the Darkness Laws.

The saints were not naturally inclined to use the Laws. When they fought, they relied on their powerful mortal bodies and astral essence to compete with others. In terms of understanding the Laws, they were far inferior to humans.

But now, this Witchplume was actually able to use dual Laws; this clearly came from her monster bloodline.

The monster race had the inborn ability to control the power of Laws. The world Laws turned into runes that were fused into their very flesh and bones.

Witchplume was such an example. From birth, her skeleton was inscribed with Law runes of Fire and Darkness. When a saint and monster joined together, their resulting child was no worse than the child between a human and a monster.

However, looking at all of this, Dragon Fang only sneered, “Just what the hell is a Dark Golden Crow? I’ve never heard of it before! I thought you were the descendant of a God Beast but now it seems you’re just a mediocre nothing. 5 million years? Is that some strange anomaly? Even something like that can be considered a miracle?”

Dragon Fang coldly laughed again and again. After he experienced Xiao Moxian’s God Beast level bloodline, Witchplume’s bloodline wasn’t anything at all. In Xiao Moxian’s situation, she was a miracle that could only occur every several hundred million years, or even longer!

“You are courting death!”

Witchplume angrily said, enraged. A clear phoenix cry rang out from her throat and a pitch black sword appeared in her hands. Her figure flew forwards, leaving a series of afterimages behind her.

And as she moved, Blacksalt also took action. He grasped his heavy sword and followed close behind her. Compared to Witchplume’s extreme speed and her swift and fierce movements, what Blacksalt exploded with was absolute strength, as vast as an erupting volcano.

A sword pounded down, like a falling mountain range!

Facing the joint attack of Witchplume and Blacksalt, Hang Chi’s complexion was dignified. He grasped his staff and drew a crescent moon in the skies. As the staff cut through the void, it left a golden arc of light in its path. This golden light finally formed a round Buddha diagram. This Buddha diagram had six golden circles, and within these six golden circles were filled the phantoms of blood demons, hungry ghosts, beasts, ghost slaves, humans, and immortals. These six golden circles represented the six paths of samsara.

“Wheel of Samsara!”

Hang Chi shouted out loud and the giant Wheel of Samsara began to radiate outwards.

Nine years after the First Martial Meeting, Hang Chi was almost 50 years old. Now, with his first action he summoned the skill that had made him famous many years ago. But now, he was even calmer and deeper than he was in the past. He was like a towering mountain, unshakeable!

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