Chapter 1408 Witchplume, Blacksalt

Chapter 1408 – Witchplume, Blacksalt

North Soar Great World, Bright Soar Planet –

As the large planet closest to the Bright Luster Great World, Bright Soar Planet became increasingly busy. There were countless martial artists passing through there every day.

On this day, a young man wearing a bamboo hat arrived at the Bright Soar Planet.

He wore tight-fitting black clothes and the bamboo hat was tugged down, hiding his eyes. Within the thronging crowd, he appeared extremely common. But, if one carefully observed him, they would notice that there seemed to be an invisible force field surrounding him. Even on the busy streets, there wasn’t a single person that bumped into him.

This black-clothed young man was Lin Ming.

As he walked forwards, he could see that the restaurants, medicinal stores, weapon and armor shops, and all other businesses were booming with customers. In particular, the shops that sold one-time use talismans were nearly overrun with eager martial artists.

“The Divine Realm is too large, there are simply too many martial artists.”

Lin Ming sighed. On this street, any one of these people could be considered an outstanding young genius of a Holy Land. Many of them were at least on the level of Phoenix Cry Palace’s White Daohong that Lin Ming had seen in the past.

Back then, White Daohong had been the idol of many young disciples of the Ancient Phoenix Clan. But if he were placed here, he would simply be lost in the crowd.

White Cloud Bistro was one of the largest and most successful restaurants on the Bright Soar Planet. This business was part of the North Soar Great World’s World King Holy Land, and the restaurant itself was a spirit artifact. It had been located here for an extremely long period of time and the inner furnishings were incomparably opulent. The meals were exquisite, and they were all wonderful spirit foods and spirit wines that benefited a martial artist’s cultivation. Of course, none of this came cheap, but even so, the young elites that gathered at Bright Soar Planet were able to afford the sky high prices.

At this time, on a floor of the restaurant, seven or eight martial artists were loudly speaking.

“Haha, we’re not bragging at all here. On the Bright Luster Great World’s Whiteheart Planet, the seven of us were surrounded by over a dozen of those saint mongrels. But, not only did they not kill us, but they were instead cut down by our Seven Star Formation! We killed nine of those saint mongrels and the remaining five were left scurrying away with their tails between their legs! In this war I’ve already obtained 3000 merit points!”

In the middle of the hall, a martial artist with a thick and full beard was enthusiastically boasting.

However, the people around him were all laughing. One of them mercilessly taunted him, saying, “I must say Tiny Hammer, you keep blowing your so-called heroic exploits to ridiculous levels so often that even we are finding it hard to stand. We might as well talk about the great bloodbath that will be occurring on the Chaotic Blood Continent soon.”

“That’s right, the battle on the Chaotic Blood Continent will be tomorrow, but what a pity that we don’t have enough merit points to go take a look. I hear that Hang Chi and Dragon Fang are the ones fighting this time!”

“Humph, that Imperial Prince Naqi is too arrogant, he doesn’t even think that he needs to fight the geniuses of my human race. As for that Good Fortune Saint Son, even though he agreed to fight Lin Ming 100 years from now, that is only because the situation was special at the time so he had no choice but to agree. Normally, the Good Fortune Saint Son would only take him as a barking dog and wouldn’t bother to respond to him at all.

As the topic of Naqi was brought up, the boisterous discussion in the restaurant immediately dimmed down. The 20 some heroic young elites that were drinking or eating suddenly had a strange complexion cross their faces. Many were angry, but there were also many that seemed to feel some dread.


Lin Ming’s mind stirred. He vaguely remembered this name and also had an impression towards Naqi, because he had absorbed the memories of the dead saint World King.

This Naqi was the first place champion of the saint race’s most recent Divine Sea First Martial Meeting. In terms of talent, he wasn’t much lower than the Good Fortune Saint Son. The only reason he was weaker was because of the difference in their ages.

From the memories of the dead saint World King, Lin Ming could see that he had an extremely high opinion of this Imperial Prince Naqi.

“I see, so he was the first place champion of the saint race’s First Martial Meeting. He truly does have the qualifications to be arrogant.” Lin Ming’s eyes dimmed down. He swished the wine in his glass, saying, “They really think I’m just some barking dog. In the eyes of the saint race, humans are nothing but lambs to be butchered…”

As Lin Ming thought this, his eyes glinted with a cold light.

“This Imperial Prince Naqi is arrogant, but he indeed possesses the ability to be arrogant. I wonder if there is a chance that he will fight Lin Ming or Frost Dream!”

It wasn’t known who said that, but the young human elites here immediately fell silent.

If the humans were compared to the saints, then they really did fall short. Even though they were all champions of the First Martial Meeting, everyone always felt that the human champions were weaker than the saint champions.

Of course, it was impossible for them to truthfully say out loud that humans were weaker than saints, thus everyone remained silent.

“We’ll have to look at the results of Hang Chi and Dragon Fang’s battle. But, Hang Chi’s opponent isn’t Naqi, because Naqi simply didn’t bother with accepting his challenge…”

“Hang Chi is absolutely weaker than Naqi. In the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting, he only came third. Compared to Lin Ming and Frost Dream, the disparity between them is considerable. I have no idea what Lin Ming is doing right now. I heard that he is closed up in seclusion at Mount Potala, but at this time, how could closing up in cultivation help him grow faster than fighting on the actual battlefield!”

Some martial artists grumpily said. It was true that Lin Ming had been in seclusion for a long time. The great calamity had already begun over half a year ago, but Lin Ming still hadn’t left Mount Potala.

“Even if Lin Ming or Frost Dream challenged Naqi, he still might not agree. That fellow always acts as if he’s above everyone else, as if there is no genius in humanity that has the capital to challenge him. If I had to say it rudely, he was looking down at all of them. Even then, if they challenged him, it would be fine if they could battle to a draw. But if they lost…”

The martial artist speaking quieted down. Everyone’s complexions turned ugly.

Frost Dream and Lin Ming were the future hopes of mankind. This was particularly true for Lin Ming, who had to settle his grudge with the Good Fortune Saint Son in a hundred years. If he lost to Naqi here, then that would be so sad that it wasn’t funny at all.

“If Lin Ming didn’t come to the Bright Luster Great World, that is probably a wise decision on his part. His background is shallow and he requires time to gather himself and improve. He is also much younger than Naqi.”

“That’s right, Lin Ming is younger so being weaker now doesn’t matter at all.”

Some people found psychological comfort in this and changed the topic to Lin Ming’s age. In Lin Ming’s age group, the only one comparable to him was Xiao Moxian.

As Lin Ming listened to these people speaking, he breathed out a long depressed sigh. Was he really pitiful to such a degree? Did others really need to use his age as an excuse to feel better about themselves?

“This Naqi, I must pay a little attention to him. Since he feels that challenging the geniuses of humanity disgraces his title of Imperial Prince, then I’ll have to see just what worth he has!”

Lin Ming stood up. He left behind a small bag of violet sun stones, put on his bamboo hat and then left the restaurant.

The goal that he had decided for himself was to surpass the Good Fortune Saint Son in 100 years.

In several hundred years, he had to reach an Empyrean level of strength.

A thousand years from now, when the war between the humans and the saints truly erupted, Lin Ming had to reach a half-step True Divinity level of strength.

This was strength, not cultivation.

As for what boundary Lin Ming’s strength would reach at that time, it was hard to foresee.

Wanting to break into the Empyrean realm within a thousand years wasn’t easy. After all, even the current youngest Empyrean, Emperor Shakya, had spent 10,000-20,000 years in order to break past the Empyrean bottleneck.

3.6 billion years ago during the era of Empyrean Divine Seal, there were likely many young elites that had become Empyreans at a young age, but they also probably required several thousand years.

A thousand year time limit was far too challenging.

The road of an Empyrean was far too difficult. Even for those extremely talented characters, there was still a chance that they would be stuck at this step.

As for whether or not a Great World King realm martial artist could compare with a half-step True Divinity, that wasn’t something that Lin Ming could guess at all.

In short, the future was filled with unpredictable mysteries. Each lucky chance that he needed to encounter was also an unknown. Without reaching that step, it was impossible for Lin Ming to guess just what level his strength would reach.

But for his current goal, what he needed was to overcome the Good Fortune Saint Son within 100 years.

He needed to use the vast pressure and brief golden age brought about by the great calamity to overcome his limits and create a miracle for himself!

Lin Ming stepped forwards, passing hundreds to a thousand miles in a flash. Right now, by relying on his understandings into the Concept of Space, he could already use void transfer to move through the Divine Realm. Of course, this was still far slower than a spirit ship.

He took out the Primordius Heavenly Palace from his spatial ring and transformed the shape of it. Then, by riding the Primordius Heavenly Palace, he flew towards the Bright Luster Great World at rapid speeds.

Two hours later, at some point within the broad and endless Bright Luster Great World, there was a fluctuation in space as ripples appeared. A gray palace shot out from these ripples, rapidly flying forwards!

Primordius Heavenly Palace was countless times faster than an ordinary spirit ship. Even so, the Divine Realm was far too large. Wanting to cross through a great world within a single day was a bit difficult.

And as Lin Ming was flying, the great battle atop the Chaotic Blood Continent had begun!

The Chaotic Blood Continent was not a planet, but a massive continent that floated in the starry skies above the Bright Luster Great World. This continent was extremely strange. Normally, in a Divine Realm Great World, only the central mainland was able to defy physics and maintain a floating continental shape. As for the other floating continents, if they were too large, they would collapse under their own gravitational force and form a sphere, becoming a planet.

Rumors said that the Chaotic Blood Continent was not naturally formed, but created by the hands of a man in ancient times. This mysterious figure was said to have been an extreme Empyrean or even a True Divinity powerhouse, but whatever they were, they had used their infinite supernatural abilities to form this floating continent and then kept its shape fixed with a grand array formation. As for what the reason had been for creating this continent, it was unknown.

On this continent, all the influences were mixed up together and there were endless wars all year round. Because of this, the smell of blood and the sounds of chaos filled the air at all times, and the Chaotic Blood Continent had gained its fame like this.

At this time, within the central area of the Chaotic Blood Continent, there was a mountain hundreds of thousands of feet high. This mountain had been sliced off near the middle, and the upper half had been completely flattened, forming a massive platform.

Gathered on this giant platform were many human powerhouses as well as saint race powerhouses.

Among these powerhouses were also many Great World Kings and half-step Empyreans.

According to the conditions of the treaty, these people could not take action on the Bright Luster Great World. The only reason they appeared here was because a great battle would soon erupt and draw the attention of all eyes.

The two battling parties were the top 10 extreme geniuses of the human and saint races’ respective First Martial Meetings.

There would be a total of two battles.

The first match was the sixth placed martial artist of the saint race’s First Martial Meeting versus the sixth placed martial artist of the humans’ First Martial Meeting.

This was Witchplume against Dragon Fang.

The second match was the saint race’s fifth placed martial artist against the humans’ third placed martial artist.

This was Blacksalt against Hang Chi.

Witchplume and Blacksalt were both fellow junior disciples of Naqi. The three of them often appeared together.

With humanity and the saints having fought to this point, although the saints had gained an upper hand so far, humans had also won many battles. With both sides having their own victories and defeats, no one refused to accept being the loser.

This was especially true for hot-blooded young elites who were filled with vigor and daring.

The battles between the two sides became increasingly intense and the slaughter grew increasingly wild. Thus, it was unavoidable that there would be a battle between the peak geniuses of the saints and the humans!

By determining who was stronger between these peak geniuses, that would equally prove which race was stronger and which race was weaker!

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