Chapter 1407 – Enlightenment Beneath the Bodhi Tree

Chapter 1407 – Enlightenment Beneath the Bodhi Tree

“Grandmaster Yuanji, born 2.61 billion years after the great calamity and died 2.7 billion years afterwards. He had an Empyrean realm cultivation and was an abbot of Mount Potala…”

Lin Ming quietly read the inscription on a stone tablet before perceiving the Buddhist scriptures upon it. A day later, when he came out from this Irreproachable Stupa, he discovered that this was already the last one.

Lin Ming didn’t know how long he stayed in this forest of pagodas. After he left, he felt that his divine sense had reached an unprecedented state of purity, filled with wisdom.

As he stared within this forest of pagodas for days and nights, he experienced the samsara of many lives, gaining insight into life.

“Mm… this is…”

As Lin Ming left the forest of pagodas, the surrounding scene had undergone some strange and inexplicable change.

Within the 72 Irreproachable Stupas was a pure land of ultimate bliss.

This was an extremely beautiful land. Spirit springs trickled through brooks and flowers and plants bloomed everywhere. Walking here, one seemed to arrive in a paradise of heaven.

In the skies, flower petals danced in the air, filling the world with auspicious bursts of shimmering colors.

And in the center of this paradise was a unique spirit tree.

There were many spirit trees in this utopia,...

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