Chapter 1405 – Irreproachable Stupa

Chapter 1405 – Irreproachable Stupa

He was a disciple from a True Divinity Holy Land, and also the first place champion of the saints’ First Martial Meeting…

The young human elites glanced at each other, dismay in their eyes. Just what sort of concept was a True Divinity disciple? They only had to think about the difference between an Empyrean descendant and a World King descendant; the disparity between a True Divinity descendant and an Empyrean descendant would be even greater than that.

As the human elites thought of this, they felt their hearts race in their chest. They wanted to once again repeat that they believed in Lin Ming, but the difference between humanity and the saints was far too great.

Let alone someone like the Good Fortune Saint Son, even this youth in front of them was not someone easy to deal with.

As the feather-robed woman saw the shock and dread on these young human elites’ faces, she smiled. “Senior-apprentice Brother Naqi possesses the title of Imperial Prince from my saint race. Do you lot even know what the words Imperial Prince mean? That is a reward personally handed down from the Good Fortune Saint Emperor! If it weren’t for Senior-apprentice Brother Naqi being much younger than Senior-apprentice Brother Wumo, then perhaps the title of Good Fortune Saint Son might have fallen into Senior-apprentice Brother Naqi’s hands! Humph, with the arrival...

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