Chapter 1404 The Elites of the Saint Race

Chapter 1404 – The Elites of the Saint Race

In the blink of an eye, a month passed from the negotiations at Mount Potala. The saint race continued to have their armies on standby. They didn’t withdraw from the Bright Luster Great World nor did they continue their expansion outwards.

After several days passed, the saints sent out a messenger, bringing forth a personal letter from the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

The summary of this letter was that for 500 years, humans and the saints would not break out into a great war. There would be occasional battles of course, but all of this would be limited to the level of Holy Lords at most. World Kings and Empyreans would not participate in any fights.

The saints would also not withdraw from the Bright Luster Great World. The Bright Luster Great World would become the sole battlefield between humanity and the saints. All influences of the saints would send their disciples to temper themselves there, immersing themselves in the thick of the slaughter.

However, after leaving the Bright Luster Great World, humanity and saints could not freely slaughter each other; the only exception would be a life or death battle which both sides mutually consented to.

Whether it was a human or a saint, if anyone violated this restriction, then both races would join together to hunt down the criminals!

Once this treaty was signed, the conditions had to be followed, otherwise one would suffer a backlash of heart demons!

In the text of this treaty, there were 50 joint signatures from extreme Empyrean level characters of the saint race.

If humanity were to agree to these conditions, then they would also need 50 extreme Empyreans to sign it. This included Divine Dream, Skyrend Godlord, Emperor Shakya, as well as many others.

“The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign wants to use the Bright Luster Great World as a tempering field.” Divine Dream quietly said after reading the letter.

“Yes, the saints need their geniuses to grow quickly, but so do we humans. The future Bright Luster Great World will be a land filled with blood and death. Those that perish there will often be heroic young elites. But, these constant life or death battles also come with opportunity. If our geniuses go to the Bright Luster Great World to gain experience, they too will grow much quicker.”

To set aside a battlefield like the Bright Luster Great World was advantageous to both the saints and humans. As for restricting all battles to below the World King level, that was also something that humanity hoped to see.

All in all, this was an equal treaty. Both the humans and saints wanted to sign it.

Empyrean Divine Dream was silent for a long time. Then, she signed her own name on it.

After Empyrean Divine Dream signed it, many other Empyreans followed suit.

When a full 50 Empyreans signed the contract, the contract turned into a black flame that slowly sizzled out in the air.

For such a contract, once it was broken, although it wouldn’t take one’s life, it would still damage one’s cultivation. To an Empyrean, this was already an extremely heavy price, so they naturally wouldn’t violate the terms.

Like this, a strange and awkward peace formed between the human race and the saint race.

In the Bright Luster Great World, the slaughter there actually became increasingly intense. Many youths, filled with courage and gusto, hated that their lands had fallen to the saints, and a violent battle would quickly break out with just a few words. Moreover, many influences also sent their own young disciples to temper themselves on this Bright Luster Great World battlefield. As for the World Kings and Empyreans, they did not intervene. If these young geniuses truly possessed sufficient strength and destiny then they would be able to save their own lives.

In the North Soar Great World, there was a large planet.

This planet was called the Bright Soar Planet because it was located at the border region of the North Soar Great World and the Bright Luster Great World. Many martial artists of the Divine Realm had to pass through this world to enter the Bright Luster Great World and adventure.

This also caused the usually idle and not too prosperous Bright Soar Planet to become extremely busy. Great throngs of martial artists would pass through this planet every day.

At this time, in an opulent restaurant on Bright Soar Planet.

Seven or eight martial artists were gathered here, drinking and conversing with each other. They were all young elites of humanity that were headed to the Bright Luster Great World to adventure.

Of those that dared go to the Bright Luster Great World, the weakest among them were geniuses of Holy Land level sects.

Normal eighth-grade sect geniuses would not dare to go because it was far too easy for them to die on the treacherous battlefield of the Bright Luster Great World.

As these martial artists spoke, they became increasingly excited and animated. They spoke about the current situation between the humans and the saints, the state of the Bright Luster battlefield, as well as the negotiations that happened on Mount Potala just several months ago. Finally, they shifted the topic to the hundred year duel between Lin Ming and the Good Fortune Saint Son.

At Mount Potala, Lin Ming had jumped over a boundary and a half to challenge the Good Fortune Saint Son. This had already become a glorious topic of discussion that had spread throughout the Divine Realm; even body transformation realm martial artists had heard of it.

Most martial artists of the Divine Realm had never seen Lin Ming before. But, only a pitiful number of martial artists had never heard of Lin Ming’s dazzling feats.

To dare sign a life or death duel contract with the Good Fortune Saint Son, such a proud and daring character caused all of humanity to be filled with pride!

“I heard that Lin Ming is soon about to break into the middle Divine Transformation realm!”

“That’s normal. He has already been at the early Divine Transformation realm for three years now, so he should be able to break through at any moment, but he simply doesn’t wish to right now. For a genius like Lin Ming, making breakthroughs is an extremely simple matter. The only problem for him is that he needs to consider whether or not his foundation is solid.”

“Haha, after making a breakthrough, Lin Ming’s strength will rise by a large margin. If he continues growing at this rate then who knows what degree he will reach in a hundred years! That Good Fortune Saint Son was simply too arrogant, I’ve long since found him sickening to my ears!”

“The Good Fortune Saint Son is definitely talented. According to common sense, it should be difficult for Lin Ming to defeat him a hundred years from now, but Lin Ming has a great destiny on his body and he has continued to create miracles all the time. I believe that he will definitely bring about another miracle this time.”

“Do you really believe that this little Lin boy will be able to create a miracle?”

At this time, in a corner of the restaurant, a voice of disagreement sounded out. This person’s voice was halting as he spoke the language of the Divine Realm; it was clear that he wasn’t skilled in it.

Several young elites frowned. They turned to the corner of the restaurant to see two men and one woman.

The man who was sitting at the head wore embroidered robes. He had skin the color of wheat, and although he wasn’t handsome and even seemed a bit strange, his eyes were particularly deep, deep to the point that one could drown in them.

Sitting near this man was a young girl in a robe of feathers. She had a beautiful appearance and her figure was slender. A charming little smile hung on her face. She pulled on this man’s arm as if she were his lover.

As for the last man, he was skinny and tall like a bamboo pole. His hands were also thin and gnarly like the claws of a chicken. The sockets of his eyes were sunken in to an extreme degree, making him seem quite dreadful.

These three people all wore clothes different from those of humans. In addition to their halting use of the Divine Realm language as well as their hostility towards Lin Ming, when this was combined together it was clear that they all came from the saint race!

“It’s devils of the saint race!”

“These three saint race devils, to think that they dare run outside of the Bright Luster Great World. They are simply looking to die!”

The seven or eight youths were about to pull out their weapons but a white-clothed man stopped them. “Stop being so reckless. This is no longer the Bright Luster Great World. According to the agreement between humanity and the saints, once one leaves the domain of the Bright Luster Great World, one cannot slaughter at will. If you want to fight then both parties must agree, otherwise you will be punished for violating the rules.”

“That’s right, Big Brother is correct. Don’t be impulsive. Otherwise, even if you killed the three of them we would still have to be buried with them.”

As the several young elites spoke, the skinny saint man and the woman began to laugh as if they had heard the funniest joke in the world.

This laugh was reckless and without end. The young human elites frowned, “Just what are you laughing about!”

“I’m laughing at your ignorance!” The feather-robed woman stood up. “You barbarians are ridiculously stupid! You don’t even know what our status is and yet you think you can just kill us if you want? How laughable! You should be thankful that there is a treaty between the saints and the humans, otherwise we would have already lopped off your heads for your disrespect just now!”

The humans referred to those from the saint race as saint devils. As for the saints, they referred to humans as barbarians. In accordance with their words, they thought of humans as nothing but uncivilized slaves, pigs that could be butchered at any time. Although there was a temporary peace between the two races, they would still exchange insults with each other.

“Humph, just what nonsense are you spouting? Since you can’t do anything at all, then you might as well blabber on as much as you want! My human race’s second ranked genius Lin Ming is not someone that the likes of you could ever imagine!”

The martial artist who spoke swept over the cultivation of these three saints. These three saints all had a cultivation at the middle and late Saint Transformation realm. There was no need to fear this level of cultivation.

“Just what is Lin Ming? What gives him the qualifications to fight with Senior-apprentice Brother Saint Son Wumo? In the eyes of Senior-apprentice Brother Wumo, that Lin Ming is simply a rabid barking dog!”

“It was only that the situation at the negotiation scene was special that Senior-apprentice Brother Wumo would care about that idiot.”

“Haha, you can’t say it like that. That boy Lin Ming can still be considered a decent genius amongst the humans. Since he wants to die, then Senior-apprentice Brother Wumo might as well pass him a helping hand. This only means that the humans will be even weaker a hundred years from now.”

Wumo was the surname of the Good Fortune Saint Son. If these martial artists could refer to the Good Fortune Saint Son as Senior-apprentice Brother Wumo, then that definitely meant they had some relationship with the Good Fortune Saint Son.

As these people heard them dismiss Lin Ming in such a manner, all of them were enraged. “Just who are you!?”

The leader of the human youths asked, his voice gloomy. If this person could refer to the Good Fortune Saint Son as Senior-apprentice Brother Wumo, then it was likely that they came from the same sect that he did. In other words, a True Divinity level influence of the saint race. If they were core disciples of that True Divinity influence then their talent must be incomprehensible!

The three people looked at each other. Then, the feather-robed woman chuckled and said, “Then let me tell you. Listen well; we are both lower disciples of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. My Senior-apprentice Brother Naqi is the first place champion of the most recent Saint Sea First Martial Meeting of the saint race! As for me, I was sixth!”

As the feather-robed woman spoke, she pointed towards the embroidered robe youth amongst the three of them.

As all the young elites of the human race heard this, they felt their hearts skip a beat and drop to their stomachs.

The first place and sixth place champions of the saint race’s Saint Sea First Martial Meeting!

The Saint Sea realm was equal to the human Divine Sea realm. Whether it was humans or the saints, the Divine Sea and Saint Sea realms were both times when one’s cultivation had reached large success. Taking humans as an example, after experiencing the nine stages of Life Destruction, their true might in the Laws would manifest. Thus, holding a First Martial Meeting for all heroic young elites at the Divine Sea realm was the most persuasive show of potential and strength. This was also the same for the saint race.

To be able to obtain first place in the Saint Sea realm First Martial Meeting, the talent of this youth could be imagined!

After all, the geniuses of the saint race surpassed those of humanity in both quantity and quality!

For this point, even if the young elites of humanity didn’t want to agree with it, they couldn’t deny it either.

Without a doubt, although this youth in front of them was only at the late Saint Transformation realm, in terms of true strength he was likely comparable to a weak Holy Lord! If such a character were compared to the Good Fortune Saint Son, then perhaps the only difference between them would be their age and the destiny upon their bodies. It was no wonder that he dared to speak like this!

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