Chapter 1403 – The Result of Negotiations

Chapter 1403 – The Result of Negotiations

Lin Ming’s words caused Empyrean Divine Dream’s heart to skip a beat. Reach the same level of strength as a half-step True Divinity within a thousand years?

It had to be known that Divine Dream herself, Emperor Shakya, and the other leaders of humanity were only half-step True Divinities.

They had used innumerable years to reach this step, and now Lin Ming said he wished to reach this level in just a thousand years. If this was said out loud, who would believe him?

But, if he wished to play a prime role in this great calamity, becoming a half-step True Divinity was the most basic step.

This was a war that involved the fates of two races. Empyreans could be considered the backbone of the forces, World Kings were soldiers, and as for Holy Lords, they were nothing but cannon fodder.

Lin Ming didn’t wish for his own destiny to be controlled by others when the great calamity truly erupted. Even becoming a half-step...

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