Chapter 1402 – A 100 Year Agreement

Chapter 1402 – A 100 Year Agreement

“Lin Ming!”

On the human side, the many Empyreans were shocked. But at this time, most of them weren’t able to extend a helping hand.

At this critical moment, a white-clothed middle-aged man’s figure flashed like a bolt of white lightning in front of Lin Ming, facing this black demon phantom and punching out with his fist!


With a terrifying explosion, the timeless god stones all around him completely disintegrated.

Horrifying shockwaves surged outwards. This was a collision on the level of Empyrean masters. Even though Lin Ming was protected behind this white-clothed person, he felt his blood vitality tumble within him, feeling as if his body would explode at any moment.


Lin Ming thrust out his spear, breaking down several true essence shockwaves. Even so, he was still sent flying backwards until he roughly crashed into a wall. He coughed out a mouthful of blood, his face extremely white.

In that single move just now, he had been severely injured!

Just what sort of character was the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign? Even if his boundary had dropped, and the Good Fortune Saint Son had only used a tiny portion of the power he left in the Demon Bead, the might of that attack was beyond reckoning!

Once this strength locked onto Lin Ming, even though there were people around him to block it, he was still wounded underneath that tremendous swallowing force!


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