Chapter 1401 – Sneak Attack

Chapter 1401 – Sneak Attack


With this word, the entire audience was shocked. It wasn’t just the saint Empyreans, but even the human Empyreans were lost for a moment. Empyrean Divine Dream’s rejection had been too sudden. Her words had carried a tone implying that she had no plans of bargaining.

The Good Fortune Saint Son’s smile was frozen for the briefest moment before he coldly sneered. “Are you not satisfied with the conditions? We can hash out the details.”

Empyrean Divine Dream indifferently looked at the Good Fortune Saint Son, contempt thick in her eyes. “There is no need to discuss anything. I refuse any and all contents of this treaty.”

Hearing Empyrean Divine Dream’s words, the Good Fortune Saint Son’s complexion became increasingly dark. The human Empyreans were all panicked and began to constantly discuss amongst themselves with true essence sound transmissions.


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