Chapter 1400 – I Refuse

Chapter 1400 – I Refuse

Even in Mount Potala, the strength of the humans was weaker than those of the saints here. If a battle broke out, there had to be someone that would protect Lin Ming to ensure his safety. But if that happened it would naturally affect their overall combat strength.

Skyrend Godlord waved his hands, implying the meaning that he didn’t want to allow Lin Ming here to add chaos to the mix.

But at this time, Empyrean Divine Dream said, “Grandmaster Limitless, allow Lin Ming to enter…”

“Mm?” Skyrend Godlord’s eyebrows shot up, surprised.

Empyrean Divine Dream responded, “If there really is some conflict then I will protect him.”

Empyrean Divine Dream’s status was higher than that of Skyrend Godlord, Great Limitless Buddha, or Emperor Shakya; she could even be called the leader of all humanity.

If Divine Dream spoke, Skyrend Godlord naturally wouldn’t refuse her request. He frowned and said with a true essence sound transmission, “Divine Dream, if you allow that junior Lin Ming to come, just what can he accomplish? Do you think that his words are so beautiful and eloquent that the saint race will draw back from the Divine Realm?”

Skyrend Godlord’s words were humorless. In these negotiations, strength was the only bargaining chip one could bring to the table. Everything else was simply empty nothings.

Empyrean Divine Dream said, “If Lin Ming wishes to enter then...

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